Top 10 Political News From 2009

Top 10 Political News From 2009

2009 saw change, sustenance and destruction. While individuals came in, institutes strengthened, and states fought wars. Below is a list of ten global events which hit the front pages for weeks across the globe:

1. Smoke of war

Smoke of war

Israel launches strikes into Palestinian territory of Gaza in what is known as the Gaza war; the war ends after Israel announces ceasefire.

2. Oath of change

Oath of change

Barrack Obama becomes the first Afro-American president of the United States of America after he defeated his rival McCain.

3. Note of rejection

Note of rejection

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashar becomes the first serving president to be issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court.

4. Sign of existence

Sign of existence

In the midst of debate over the future of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Danish President becomes the Secretary of General of NATO, as it commemorates its sixtieth birthday.

5. News of termination

News of termination

After being embroiled in civil war for decades, Sri Lanka blows a crushing and final defeat to the guerilla fighters who lose their key leader.

6. Show of support

Show of support

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, gets reelected as he wins the election which were marred with charges of rigging.

7. Gesture of acceptance

Gesture of acceptance

London Summit 2009 paved way for the elevation of G-20 over G-8 in global financial decisions, thus providing room for developing countries.

8. March of success

March of success

People Republic of China displays a display of strength and success as it turns sixty.

9. Air of strength

Air of strength

Pakistan military launches an operation against the militants; first in Swat and later in Waziristan which were housed by elements sympathizers to Taliban.

10. Rise of the fears

Rise of the fears

At the Danish capital of Copenhagen, global leaders end up with different arguments over how to curtail global warming and who to assume responsibility.

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