Top 10 Careers With Highest Job Satisfaction

Top 10 Careers With Highest Job Satisfaction

Most people in the modern world, despite working lucrative jobs, are not satisfied with their lives. The question is that “Which career path will fulfill this eternal quest for happiness?” Using data from multiple surveys, following are the careers with the highest job satisfaction.

1. Musicians and Actors

Musicians and Actors

Musicians and Actors are essentially self-made people propelled by their talents. Many of them come from poor backgrounds and achieve prominent positions in the entertainment industry through sheer dedication. Ample reward equally for talent and hard work might be the reason that Musicians and Actors are the most satisfied professionals.

2. Authors


Professional authors are generally highly satisfied with their work. A book for them is like a child, nurtured and nourished meticulously from a collection of ideas into a masterpiece.

3. Firefighers


Well, if you think firefighters just do it for the money, you are wrong. The financial reward for them is not very substantial rather its the passion to save lives that motivates these brave professionals.

4. Doctors


Doctors are not only the most respected but are also the highest earning professionals. A Doctor not only performs a job but also services society by helping to save precious lives. So it’s a combination of big money and a noble job description that gives them such a high level of satisfaction.

5. Professors


The teaching profession has been respected by societies for millennia. After all, if the knowledge and skills are not shared, the society would implode. In addition to this, the higher education professors command high salaries and thus are some of the most satisfied people on the planet.

6. Artists


Like authors, painters and sculptors also produce masterpieces out of ideas. They are the classical artists and although many live in poor conditions, their motivation and the desire to create is what drives them.

7. Software Engineers

Software Engineers

Software Engineers are the most satisfied people to sit in front of a Computer. It is the creativity and the many challenges presented by the job which motivates them. Also until recently, they were the highest paid corporate professionals.

8. Criminal Investigators

Criminal Investigators

Criminal investigation requires a lot of patience, powers of observation and bravado. These are the individuals who connect the dots and take the bad guys to task. A sense of adventurism also contributes to their high motivation level.

9. Career Counselors

Career Counselors

Career Counselors are basically psychologists who provide career related guidance. Their role is becoming increasingly important in a shrinking global job market. They derive their motivation from a sense of responsibility in making or breaking people’s lives.

10. Education Administrators

Education Administrators

These are those scary people in the office we used to dread as kids. However hostile they might seem, education administrators are some of the most satisfied individuals around. Long underrated, this profession has increased massively in importance with the rise of the education industry.

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