These 6 Dumb Laws in Idaho will Leave You Baffled

These 6 Dumb Laws in Idaho will Leave You Baffled

As we move around the country in search of the eccentric legislation, it’s time to settle down for some time in Idaho. Similar to Hawaii and the rest of the country, Little Ida is no stranger to the world of dumb laws. Idaho is a land of rugged beauty and geographic diversity. We have done our research and bring to you some of the dumb laws in the state of Idaho that will leave you baffled and wondering why are these even laws in the first place.

1 – You Can’t Sweep Trash onto Streets!


The only thing we hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning! If you have been feeling an urge to get up and clean your house, give it some time to settle down. It might actually be a false alarm. House cleaning services though need to be on guard with this law in place!


2 – No Bicycles on Public Park Benches!


Who in their right minds would ever attempt to use a bicycle on public park benches? Actually, there will be many of those who would have attempted stunts such as these. There once was a kid who asked God for a bicycle. Thinking that God had His own ways of doing things, he stole and sought forgiveness!


3 – No Camping on Sidewalks!


Camping is not a date. It’s an endurance test! If you can survive camping with someone, you should marry them on the way home. Hey, but no camping on the city sidewalks. You could end up in jail!


4 – Only Dogs are Allowed to Live in a Dog House!


It’s a similar case to a homeless dog whose owner sent her boyfriend to the doghouse! Anyways, this one is not an actual law. No legal basis, folks!

5 – No Riding a Bike after You Turn 88


Don’t know if it’s illegal to ride a bike and be handsome at the some time, but whatever you can live dangerously! Nevertheless, there’s no such law that prohibits veterans from riding a bike after they turn 88. Even if there was, what the heck!

6 – No Onions After Dark!


We don’t know what the threat is, but we are grateful we have lawmakers to protect us! Can you imagine what could happen to us if we didn’t have these laws?


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