Journey of Flour: Top 10

Journey of Flour: Top 10

A common staple of diet, flour fulfils the dietary requirements of us, the humans. If you are thinking of bread, you own limited knowledge about it. Take the bread and add sweet or spice, and you will end up with something different. Also, visit around the world and you will find bread being evolved like we humans have, though not genetically. Here’s a list:

1. Bread:

Considered to be one of the oldest foods to be prepared by humans, bread is today the most known staple made from flour. Something which you can eat in the breakfast, as well as in the afternoon with sandwiches, bread surely is a sustained product of flour around the world.

2. Roti:

What bread became of flour in the West and then in the globe, roti became from the wheat flour in South Asia. The professionals would cook a roti in a perfect round. Today, it comes in various forms – depending on size and the type of flour.

3. Pita:

Pita is like roti, though unlike roti, pita has to be double-layered. For the Arabs, pita is a staple diet.

4. Tortilla:

In Central and North America, the staple to have evolved from flour is tortilla. However, while to the East of the world, you found something evolved from wheat flour, this one is from corn maize flour.

5. Cake:

What you consume as cake today has actually evolved from honey-on-sugar. Some folks simply tested honey and they liked the taste; later, when sugar came in, honey was replaced. Modern cakes retain the sugar but by adding many other sweeteners, fruits, and flavors.

6. Biscuit:

If you have cake, take it out and bake it. After a while, you will end up with a proto-type of biscuit. Yes, this is how biscuit evolved – biscuit is produced after twice baking the cake.

7. Pizza:

Enough of sweets above. Take the sugar out; add some veggies and you may have something different from bread. Pizza is one of them. In Italy, a bunch of poor farmers ate bread with tomatoes; they liked the taste and everyone else who came across. That led way to pizza.

8. Taco:

The corn-produced tortilla may taste too corny and heavy on the mouth. If you fill it with spiced meat, you get to eat a taco. Literally meaning “light lunch” (at least, for those who made it,) it is one of the popular fast foods.

9. Roll paratha:

Well, you add tomatoes on bread and got pizza; you add meat on tortilla and got taco. Why not add something on South Asian roti. Well you can, if you want. And people do. One such item, these days, is the roll paratha which is actually spiced meat on oiled Indian roti.

10. Shawarama:

If everyone else can innovate with their breads, how about the Middle Eastern people? Are they the only one with pita? No. What you consume as shawarama is actually an additive of meat and vegetables on pita. Go grab it!

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