7 Most Shocking Crimes Committed By Children

7 Most Shocking Crimes Committed By Children

There are some things in the world that people just can’t understand – like why a 10 year old girl would murder three of her best friends. Child psychologists say that the reasons a child will kill, is because of loneliness, depression or a history of abuse in the family. While this is often the case, there are also unexplained crimes that just don’t add up. How could a child accumulate such murderous urges and do they really need a reason to kill? Perhaps there really is such a thing as "born evil".

1. I Killed My Father

I Killed My Father


Rachel Booth (13) lived with her mother and father for many years, until one day they split up and the family was divided. After many custody battles she was sent to live with her father Michael Booth, who then proceeded to sexually abuse her on a daily basis. Eventually in despair, Rachel decided to murder him. She waited until the early hours of the morning, loaded her fathers 12 gauge shotgun – pointed it directly in his face and blew it off. This kind of crime is accepted as abuse retaliation – so Rachel didn’t spend any time in jail for it.  

2. Child Rapes and Murders

Child Rapes and Murders


Sam Manzie (15) was a deeply disturbed boy, and his parents knew it. They took him to therapy but the psychologist proclaimed that there was nothing wrong with him. A few days later Sam was alone at home when Eddie Werner (11) knocked on his front door. Eddie was trying to get money together for his school. Once he was inside Sam raped the eleven year old, and then strangled him to death. He later dragged the boy’s body outside and hid it from his parents. Sam had been a victim of child abuse when he was younger, from a family friend. 

3. School Shootings

School Shootings


Kayla Rowland was shot to death by a 6 year old boy at Buell Elementary school, near Detroit. Her first grade classmate came to school with a handgun, and showed it to his friends before spinning around and shooting Kayla in the neck. She was rushed to hospital, but died soon after arriving. There was no motive for the shooting, other than the boy wanted to impress his friends with the weapon that he had stolen from his father. The school acknowledged that a few kids had brought guns to school in the past, but expressed shock and dismay at the shooting.

4. Brutally Murdering Step-Mom and Baby

Brutally Murdering Step Mom and Baby


Jordan Brown (12) from Pennsylvania, was charged with murdering his step-mother when she was eight months pregnant. The police discovered that the boy was jealous of the time that his father spent with her and her two children. Kenzie Houk, the step-mom, was in her farmhouse when Jordan approached with a 20 gauge shotgun. He shot and killed her and her baby – execution style. Although the father was blamed for his son’s behaviour, but when it comes down to the crime, it was Jordan who planned to kill Kenzie and her baby for nothing more than a bit of attention. 

5. Sacrificed In The Name Of The Cult

Sacrificed In The Name Of The Cult

Roderick Ferrell (16) loved the hit game ‘Vampire Masquerade’ so much that he created his own vampire cult. After receiving a call from his ex-girlfriend he decided to induct her into the clan, and travelled to Florida with a few of his cult members to meet her. At some point he decided to Brutal Double Murder From The Past Was Committed By ‘Real’ Vampires, and had the female members of his cult induct her at a cemetery while he went to do the deed. He beat Richard Wendorf to death with a crowbar, and stabbed his wife Naoma to death as well. Once he was done he spent some time burning a V into Richard’s chest, before leaving. 

6. Bank Robber

Bank Robber


A bank was robbed in Peoria, after a 13-year-old boy accused of robbing Illinois bank with a handgun, threatening their lives and asking for money. He made off with a sealed bag of cold hard cash, until it exploded, covering him in red dye. The boy was nabbed a few blocks away, scared and clutching the red dye filled money bag. There were no reports about the child having money problems, but several people blamed it on video games. 

7. Killing Gay People

Killing Gay People


Lawrence King, a 15 year old boy from EO Green Junior High in California, came out of the closet for the first time. Within a few short weeks, The Lawrence King case by classmate Brandon McInerney, in the computer lab of his school. The shooting was immediately identified as a gay hate crime, planned and executed by Brandon who was disturbed by Lawrence’s announcement. People say that Brandon is a victim too, of hate speech and homophobia.  

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