7 Dumb Laws in Maine to Strike You Dumbfounded

7 Dumb Laws in Maine to Strike You Dumbfounded

All of those who would have gone through our post on dumb laws in Massachusetts, must have been laughing their heads off! Let’s move on to Maine to discover some of the plain stupid, ridiculous and absolutely dumb laws that have been framed by the local men of law.

1 – No Roller Skating on the Sidewalks!


Well, as the law reads out, you need to walk on foot since the sidewalks are meant for walking and not for roller skating!


2 – No gambling at the airport, fellow!


If your hands a itchy and you are feeling lucky today, better head over to the casino. No gambling at the airports! Gambling is probably spending all your money trying to get more money! Isn’t it?


3 – Sale of Mercury Thermometers is Prohibited!


What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder? “You may have graduated but I have many degrees!”


4 – You Can’t Park Your Vehicle in Front of Dunkin Donuts!


Did you ever try to become a part of a heated discussion whether Dunkin Donuts was better than Starbucks? Whatever side you may take, don’t park your vehicle in front of Dunkin Donuts in Maine!


5 – Your Dog Shouldn’t Bark for More than Half Hour!


We all are familiar with the saying, “Barking dogs seldom bite!”. It seems folks in Maine don’t really agree with this adage and are probably looking for a reason to make the dogs angry!


6 – No One Feeds the Deer!


Don’t confuse it with what you call your spouse! Hey, hold on, we thought you called your spouse “Dear”. Nevertheless, you can’t feed a deer in Maine. If its your loved and dear ones, you can feed them whatever you want!


7 – Cemeteries Not to be Used for Advertising!


Cemeteries are where the dead live! And you don’t post advertisements for the dead, do you? Ads are for the living!


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