6 Dumb Laws in Hawaii that will Stagger You

6 Dumb Laws in Hawaii that will Stagger You

Hawaii is a place that is dreamt by people all over the globe. Also known as the Aloha State, Hawaii is an ideal location for the people who love good weather, scenic views, scintillating blue waters, traditional hula dancing and sensational cuisine. Like the rest of the country, Hawaii also has tons of laws that make no sense at all. In our last post, we shared with you the stupid laws in Georgia. It’s time to discuss the dumb laws in Hawaii. So, let’s get moving!

1 – Ride in the Back of Pickups As Much As You Want!


In Hawaii, you will be fined for riding in the back of a passenger car without a seatbelt. However, you can ride in the back of a pickup truck with no safety equipment. The people need to be sitting on the floor itself not on the wheel wells and not holding down any cargo.


2 – Billboards Not Allowed!


Billboards are outlawed in Hawaii! So perhaps we can use trees and electricity poles to convey our messages to the citizens!


3 – One Bottle of Booze in Front of You Only!


If you’re planning on drinking any beer, wine, or liquor, then you need to be careful. Keepin more than one bear in front of you can land you in trouble. This means that if you want to get drinks for your entire group, the bartender has to ask you to name the persons for whom you are taking away the drinks. Hold on! Don’t get freaked out, booze lovers! There’s actually no such law as this in Hawaii. We’ve dug deep and found no authentic reference. So, let the party begin, y’all!

4 – Give No Quarter to the Ears!


They say it is illegal in Hawaii to put coins in one’s ears! We wonder if this law was passed when Hawaii discovered that their coins were disappearing and filling up the slots in Las Vegas. May be the Hawaiians have had some hearing difficulties! Nevertheless, this law should be of concern for the magicians who are planning to lodge a petition against this law. Wait! This was all for fun! Though this law can be found on a number of internet websites but we couldn’t find any factual basis for it. Screw it fellas!

5 – Own a Boat or Face the Consequences!


To be on the safer side, we have a couple of boats in our living room. is a canoe! This one, though, is also not an actual law. At least we weren’t able to find its legal reference!

6 – You Can’t Eat Your Second Wife!


If you were planning to dine out on your second wife, well, then you need to be careful! We aren’t sure about the first wife, though…By the way, this is yet another one of those fake laws that have been bombarded on the internet. So, all of you cannibals out there! Get ready to have your second wives for dinner!

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