These 5 Dumb Laws in Kentucky Are Just Silly

These 5 Dumb Laws in Kentucky Are Just Silly

As we move from Arkansas, it’s time now to share with you some of the dumb laws in Kentucky that are just silly at the very least!

1 – No Rotten Eggs at a Public Speaker!


Hey, it’s not our fault you got a broken chocolate rabbit and those rotten eggs in your Easter basket! Beware! Do not throw eggs at a public speaker in Kentucky. You could be served a one year prison sentence had it been the year 1975! The law has been repealed! So feel free to try your luck out at the politician you hate the most!


2 – Sale of Less than 6 Dyed Ducklings Not Allowed!


If you ever had any plans of selling dyed ducklings, better make sure that you sell at least 6 of them. You could be fined up to $500 if you violate this law!


3 – Wives Can’t Buy a Hat without their Husband’s Permission!


Is it shop o’clock somewhere? Hey, this law probably was formulated to keep women from going on an undaunted shopping spree. Luckily for them though, we weren’t able to find any legitimate references to it in the law books!

4 – No One to Remarry the Same Gentleman!


In Kentucky, it is against the law to remarry the same man four times! Who the hell would ever think to remarry the same person not once, not twice or thrice but four times? Seems like eternal love, never to be separated! Don’t worry, folks! This one’s fake!

5 – You Must Bathe At Least Once a Year!


It seems the representatives to the local legislative assembly in Kentucky were quite concerned about the health, hygiene and cleanliness of their local inhabitants.

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