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35 Awesome and Unique Graves

35 Awesome and Unique Graves

In this article, we have posted the pictures of 35 unique graves. These graves are offering a tribute to the people who have departed from this world in a beautiful manner. After reading this article, most of you will want to have a cool grave after leaving this world.

1. BMW


One of the most interesting gravestone ideas. This man must have been a great lover of cars especially BMW.

2. A text to the other side

A text to the other side

This mobile phone gravestone seems like if you can send the text on the other side.

3. Hands


Here, two large hands are holding the cross sign. It seems like these hands are made of bronze; quite expensive though.

4. Eternal Log Cabin

Eternal Log Cabin

This little log cabin is the place where this person stays now forever.

5. Sneaker Grave

Sneaker Grave

How is this sneaker grave of Mr. Joseph J.?

6. A Grave For The Mechanic

A Grave For The Mechanic

Here is a grave of a mechanic who died in 2001.

7. To Heaven At The Speed Of Light

To Heaven At The Speed Of Light

It looks like the person is just ready to go on Mars or may be travelling to heaven at the speed of light.

8. Alloy Rim

Alloy Rim

This can also be a representation of an alloy rim.

9. Most Trusted Friend

Most Trusted Friend

This person must have been a geek in life and also chose to be a geek after death.

10. 4WD Grave

4WD Grave

What a beautiful piece of art. After seeing this, most of you may have thought to get some artistic graves.

11. Immortalized


This man may not want to die ever. So, he is immortalized forever by having his statue on his grave.

12. Metal Grave

Metal Grave

The man made of metal holding a piano, presented a great view. The metal pieces are joined with such a delicacy to give a complete shape.

13. Crossword


This scrabble headstone is of Paul Glind. You have to really love scrabble in order to have a grave like this one.

14. World’s Greatest Electrician

World s Greatest Electrician

This grave is of Sal Giardino who is the world’s greatest electrician. The grave clearly represents his interest in the field.

15. Appearing Offline

Appearing Offline

It looks like there is no internet connectivity down there as the person is appearing offline.

16. His Favorite Garden Bench

His Favorite Garden Bench

Mr. Gregory James loved his garden bench so his grave is a representation of that.

17. Shoe Pots

Shoe Pots

How amazing are these shoe pots.

18. Died from Shark Bite?

Died from Shark Bite

After looking at this stone it seems like the person died because of the shark bite. This might be true.

19. Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace

This unique grave shows that the person laying here is resting forever.

20. Soul Escaping To Heaven

Soul Escaping To Heaven

How creatively the bronze statue is breaking out of this unique grave. We just loved the idea.

21. Graves In Toyland

Graves In Toyland

Here the graves are built in a toyland.

22. Angels Roll The Rock Away

Angels Roll The Rock Away

The angels may roll the rock away. A big rock stone on the grave of Mr. Thomson.

23. Late Policeman

Late Policeman

What a great idea for the grave of a policeman.

24. Grave Guardian

Grave Guardian

This grave has got a strong guardian.

25. Eternal Resting Place

Eternal Resting Place

Do people like to lounge around in the graveyard? May be Yes in this case.

26. ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZzz!!!


This snoopy gravestone presents an idea that does not disturb the person who is lying in the grave and let him sleep.

27. For His Love Of Music

For His Love Of Music

How is this Thorntone Piano? It is present in the Highgate cemetery London. It’s a good idea for all the piano lovers.

28. Cannonball Grave

Cannonball Grave

Another amazing piece of creativity. This grave is of Gen Alexander Anderson who died in 1877.

29. Rebirth?


This grave stone represents a very deep thought. It says that the person lying in this grave died of loneliness and broken heart.

30. (Head)Stone

Head Stone

This grave is of Fernand Arbelot who was a musician and actor. He died in 1990 and was buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. He wished that he could stare the face of his wife for eternity so his grave contains a head stone.

31. Johnny Ramone

Johnny Ramone

Johny Ramone was a Rock Musician. He was also a co-founder and guitarist of the legendary, ground-breaking rock band ‘The Ramones’.

32. BPM


This grave also links to some great musician or a drummer.

33. ?

It seems like Scott J. Silva was a big time stone’s fan.

34. Harley Grave

Harley Grave

A pretty cool grave of a bike lover.

35. ... and a bottle of Rum

and a bottle of Rum

This unique grave has some important text engraved on it along with some art on the sides of the stone.

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