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25 Weird Vending Machine Items

25 Weird Vending Machine Items

I don’t know about you but where I live, most vending machines contain chips, candy, and soda. They are perfect for when you  have a hankering for something salty and unhealthy while you’re on your way somewhere. But apparently, people can also have a hankering for lobster or pizza or gold in the middle of whatever it is they’re doing.

1. Marijuana


Medical weed, of course. And before you get any ideas, they are protected by guards.

2. Used Panties

Used Panties

But these have been shut down.

3. Lobster


After you, uh, catch them, what then?

4. Eggs


Fresh and refilled daily.

5. Bicycle


Of course, you return them.

6. Pet Roaches

Pet Roaches

Trust me, you don’t want a bigger photo of the merchandise.

7. Porn


In a world where used panties are sold in vending machine, it is only natural that porn can be dispensed from these stand-alone stores, too.

8. Canned Bread

Canned Bread

Can you say YUM?

9. Ipod


This won’t take quarters.

10. Gold


These surely make treasure hunting look like a lot of work.

11. Live Bait

Live Bait

My question is, does this machine smell?

12. Poetry


For a moment that could change your life, these gumballs have poetry you can relish.

13. Art


That’s right, art you can buy from a vending machine.

14. Fortune


And if you get a bad fortune, you can kick the machine.

15. Fine China

Fine China

Sometimes, you just need to break something in order to feel better. Enter the passive aggressive anger release machine.

16. Church Candles

Church Candles

Convenient, right?

17. Socks Vending Machine

Socks Vending Machine

In case you forgot to wear a pair and the day turned cold.

18. After Party Shoes

After Party Shoes

After a night of heavy dancing, ladies would want a pair of these cute ballet flats.

19. Ties


In case you decided to go from casual to formal in the middle of the day.

20. Sneakers


The after party shoes are fine because they fit like socks, but sneakers? What if you don’t like the fit?

21. Pizza


Pizza in 90 seconds! That must be yummy! NOT.

22. Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

I cannot  imagine filling up insurance forms without an agent to assist me.

23. Flowers


The vending machine for the forgetful boyfriend or husband.

24. Sushi


I cannot imagine just how fresh the merchandise is.

25. Umbrellas


Perfect, actually, because it always seems to rain when you forget your umbrella at home.

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