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25 Tattoos That Do Not Look Remotely Similar To The Reference

25 Tattoos That Do Not Look Remotely Similar To The Reference

It is normal for people to choose a tattoo of somebody dear to them or of a famous person or character. Now this is okay as long as the artist is incredibly good. We understand that you really want to have the face of your sweetheart on your chest but we implore you not to get a tattoo from a guy whose drawing skills even his own mother will be ashamed of. Otherwise, you’ll find your stupidity immortalized here.

1. Baby Warrior

Baby Warrior

That sweet little girl just became an angry warrior of some sort.

2. Precious


One tip when going for a portrait tattoo: Make sure the artists knows what he’s doing.

3. Memories


Spelling mistake. Choice of tattoo artist mistake.

4. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Who looks like Eva Mendes if you squint.

5. Tattoo Artists Against Babies

Tattoo Artists Against Babies

For some reason, the little girl looks A LOT older than the girl in the right in the tattoo.

6. Sign of True Love

Sign of True Love

Now what girl in her right mind will not be flattered?

7. Aging Software

Aging Software

You no longer need a nifty software to know what your kid will look like when he grows up. The tattoo artist can do that for you.

8. Vampire Edward

Vampire Edward

Edward Cullen decided to grow a square jaw when Bella casually mentioned that she likes all things square.

9. Party Time!

Party Time!

What happened to their faces?

10. If You Call Now

If You Call Now

We’ll include a free membership card to “Wronged by My Tattoo Artists Anonymous”.

11. A Sex Symbol

A Sex Symbol

This is what Marilyn would have looked like after spending the day at the beach and sloppily putting on sunblock.

12. Baby Scare

Baby Scare

Dear Parents, Why do you feel the need to ruin the memories of your baby’s cute face?

13. The Hoff

The Hoff

Looks like he should  have left Baywatch before the skin damage set in.

14. Bettie Page

Bettie Page

Or a blow-up doll?

15. Mariah’s Confusion

Mariah’s Confusion

Here you can clearly see Mariah’s very mixed heritage. Or strong  Native American heritage?

16. Underpaid?


So the artist finished the outline and then called it a day.

17. Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

Dr. Phil is here to butt in and make you realize the error of your ways.

18. WTF


Mr. Tattoo Artist, I want tattoo of my baby like he is a cast of The Simpsons.

19. Horror Fan

Horror Fan

The parent or client probably asked for the zombie version of the little girl.

20. Oh, Poor Baby

Oh, Poor Baby

Good thing it’s on his back. He will not fully realize just how terrible this ink job is.

21. On The Edge

On The Edge

On the Edge of blind portraiture?

22. Girls of My Life

Girls of My Life

Still an outline but we already know that this will not turn out right.

23. A Good Ad Waiting to Happen

A Good Ad Waiting to Happen

Under this tattoo should be an ad for a whitening toothpaste.

24. Walken Is Not Happy

Walken Is Not Happy

Curse on the client and artist who ruined the reputation of the super-ultra awesome Christopher Walken.

25. How Not to Do Cute

How Not to Do Cute

I want to pinch the baby (because she’s cute) in the photo and punch the one on the tattoo.

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