25 Funny Vandalized Signs

25 Funny Vandalized Signs


Sign vandalism is such a popular American passtime that it annually costs more than $270 million to the taxpayer.  Some vandals however do manage to rearrange, draw, spay or rub some genuine hilarities. Here, we have dug up 25 such works of art.

1. It’s the Claw

Its the Claw

Spotted at District 9.

2. Skiwi


Spotted on the way to Mordor (Tongariro National Park, NZ)

3. The Grave Digger

The Grave Digger

By DarkVandal666

4. Ninja Entry

Ninja Entry

Used to be No Entry

5. Durham, Great Place to Grow Pot

Durham Great Place to Grow Pot

The town I call Home.

6. Horns


In the memory of Ronnie James Dio.

7. The many pleasures of Constance Bay

The many pleasures of Constance Bay

Never leave empty space on a billboard!

8. Graffiti Removal Hotline

Graffiti Removal Hotline

Inevitable! Defiled at West Kensington, London.

9. M. Night Shyamalan’s Penis

M Night Shyamalan Penis

Many twists and turns but predictable end. Spotted at the the 14th Street station, Manhattan.

10. Clearly


Clearly asking to be vandalized.

11. Pee On Head

Pee On Head

Done in a hurry.

12. We Touch Boys

We Touch Boys

Hilarious retouch job.

13. Vandals of Death

Vandals of Death

Who Doesn’t?

14. Boilspotting


Desperate adulteration in Central Markets, Adelaide.

15. Which way?

Which way

Carved out at Golden Ear, British Colombia.

16. Teach Me Sniffing

Teach Me Sniffing

“Share a Snow” Starbucks Ad improved at Union Square, New York.

17. Public Service Vandalism

Public Service Vandalism

Another NYC Subway Gem.

18. The Five MILF Hill

The Five MILF Hill

Located in National Cougar Reserve.

19. DiCrapio’s Shitter Island

DiCrapio s Shitter Island

Impossible to get out.

20. Die Carefully

Die Carefully


Yet another “Drive Carefully” sign abused.

21. Memorial Poo

Memorial Poo



22. I’m Dyin’

I m Dyin

Public awareness message spotted in Seattle.

23. No Smoking

No Smoking

Pie chugging kills.

24. Disabled Porking

Disabled Porking

Best Parking Space ever!

25. Stop Vandalism

Stop Vandalism

I’m out of ideas.

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