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25 Funny Toilet Notices

25 Funny Toilet Notices

Toilet notices almost always tend to be fodder for lulz. Mostly they are modified by mischevious teenagers but sometimes some workaholic administrator will also get a bit too emotional, but hey its understandable isnt it? Since their job description has to be one of the worst. Here are 25 such gems of dedication collected from around the world.

1. Your worst nightmare

Your worst nightmare

2. Inflatulation

Get down, toilet!

3. The Great Toilet of China

The Great Toilet of China

4. Involuntary Confinement

Involuntary Confinement

5. Napoleon took a dump here

Napoleon took a dump here


6. Center it for Manager

Center it for Manager

7. Explicitly Stated

Explicitly Stated

8. Roll Bandit, take notice

Comrades, take notice

9. Dumpus Maximus

Dumpus Maximus

10. Don’t giving head

Don’t giving head

11. Long John Silver

Long John Silver

12. Aim Properly

Pretty Humane

”13″. ”No



14. Toilet seat Tactics

Toilet seat Tactics

15. Splash like Gentlemen

Splash like Gentlemen

16. Violators will be prosecuted

Violators will be prosecuted

17. No splashing, puking, squating, piddling or fishing

No splashing, puking, squating, piddling or fishing

18. The last Pee

The last Pee

19. Non-Agricultural WC

Non-Agricultural WC

20. Dirty Handshakes

Dirty Handshakes

21. How reassuring

How reassuring

22. Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

23. Other newspapers are OK

Other newspapers are OK

24. This water might be unclean

This water might be unclean

25. Do you hate America ?

Do you hate America ?

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