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20 Innovative Bicycle Parking Techniques

20 Innovative Bicycle Parking Techniques

Bicycles are convenient vehicles. Provided that you have a lock, parking a bike is not a big problem …. well absolutely no problem for some people. Here are 20 patented examples of innovative bicycle parking techniques.

1. Bike on wire

Bike on wire

2. Reserved Parking

Reserved Parking

3. Real Estate Credits

Real Estate Credits

4. Anti-Shoplifting Device

Anti Shoplifting Device

5. Miraculous Parking

Miraculous Parking

6. High n’ Dry

High n Dry

7. This inspired the Olympic rings

This inspired the Olympic rings

8. Yogi Bike

Yogi Bike

9. Stacked


10. Hanging by threads

Hanging by threads

11. Accident memorial?

Accident memorial

12. Nice view

Nice view

13. Bullish Parking

Bullish Parking

14. Suspended


15. Nops Stops Parking

Nops Stops Parking

16. Parking Gymnastics

Parking Gymnastics

17. Tarzan


18. Hung out to dry

Hung out to dry

19. Abseiling


20. Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

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