20 Funny Bikes

20 Funny Bikes

Bikes are mostly fun, in fact so much fun that they have spawned their own subcultures. However, the fun ends when it is the only vehicle you can afford. There are no secrets on a bike; all you can do is hide your face behind a helmet. But, this lack of privacy does offer some hilarious photo opportunities and here we present 20 of them.

1. The Absolutely Environment Friendly Motorbike

The Absolutely Environment Friendly Motorbike

2. Safety First

Safety First

3. Plush Protection

Plush Protection

4. Massive Payload

Massive Payload

5. The Hangrider

The Hangrider

6. All Transport Vehicle

All Transport Vehicle

7. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

8. Sick of looking at myself

Sick of looking at myself

9. Double Date

Double Date

10. Dedication


11. Moon’s Angel

Moon s Angel

12. Chinese Engineering

Chinese Engineering

13. The Ideal Date Transport

The Ideal Date Transport

14. The Castaway

The Castaway

15. Walking the Baby

Walking the Baby

16. Easy Rider

Easy Rider

17. Improvisation


18. Where are my keys?

Where are my keys

19. Over provisioning

Over provisioning

20. When women ride bikes

When women ride bikes

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