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10 Weirdest Hobbies

10 Weirdest Hobbies

We all have our own special, unique hobbies, things we like to do in our spare time. Some of them, however, are stranger than others. Samurai sword collecting, racing animals, and making art out of odd materials are all hobbies that some people practice. Sometimes it’s a good idea when filing out an application or writing your resume, to leave off any strange or unusual hobbies you might enjoy. Telling the world you like to play dead isn’t the best way to make yourself look good to a potential employer. Here are ten of the oddest hobbies that are actually practiced somewhere in the world by someone at any given time.

1. Playing Dead

Playing Dead

Don’t laugh – someone actually does this, and calls it a hobby. His name is Chuck Lamb. Since 2005, he’s been playing dead. More than that, he’s been taking photos and videos of himself playing dead and posting them to his website. Lamb claims he’s always wanted to play a dead guy in a television program or movie. This father of six with no acting experience is not particularly handsome, yet his website has received over 40 million hits. He’s still campaigning through that site to be able to play a dead guy on TV, but so far he’s been unsuccessful.

2. Cosplay


No, not the band Coldplay, this is Cosplay, or playing while wearing a costume. It originated in Japan (home of many strange and odd fetishes) in the 1990s. In Cosplay, a person recreates a costume of a favorite character and role-plays that he or she is that person, using their positioning, attitude, even style of voice. Costumes used have been from characters of animation, video games, comics, even television and the movies. It’s basically grown-ups dressed in costume playing like kids, but they gave it a fancy name so as not to look so moronic (sorry guys, didn’t work).  There is even a World Cosplay Summit held yearly in, where else, Japan, for all of these Cosplayers.

3. Duct Tape Art

Duct Tape Art

Some people, like 17 year old Melody Williams, like to use duct tape to create works of art, clothing, shoes, and more. While this might be handy if you’re short on wearing apparel and happen to have a roll of duct tape lying around the house, Williams cautions that there are some drawbacks. “It’s sticky,” she says. “When I was making my skirt, I had a lot of problems with it sticking to itself in places it wasn’t supposed to.” Williams has even written a song about her duct tape hobby, posted at a website. Seems like the tape being sticky might be the least of this young girl’s problems.

4. Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing

There are extreme sports of all kinds, so a knitwear factory worker in the United Kingdom wondered, why not ironing? Phil Shaw thus invented extreme ironing, involving ironing in extreme outdoor locations. He’s done it on top of a snow-covered mountain, under water, in the desert … anywhere he can set up his ironing board. Unless the iron is battery operated, however, wouldn’t he need an electrical outlet as well? Shaw says it takes stamina, athletic prowess and finesse to be able to iron properly under such extreme conditions. I’ll take his word for it, as ironing is something I haven’t done since 1997.

5. Fork Bending

Fork Bending

People exist who claim that they can bend cutlery with their minds, and swear that they’re not kooks. They even have their own website where they explain in step-by-step format how to bend a fork using only your mind’s energy (well, of course, they do add their hands). It seems if one concentrates his mind on bending the fork, then give just a little physical effort with his hands, the fork goes soft and bends easily. This doesn’t seem as far-fetched, actually, as those who say they can only use their minds to do it, but it’s still a very odd hobby.

6. Fingernail and/or Toenail Collection

Fingernail and or Toenail Collection

This is just gross. There are actually people who collect fingernails and toenails (hopefully their own) and display them as a hobby. Will Chatham, who has started a website devoted to his collection started collecting nails in 1983 and hasn’t stopped. He has filmed a You Tube video about his hobby and published photos on the Internet of his finger and toenails, of him putting them in his mouth, in his beard… you get the idea. Warning: don’t visit his website or watch his video if you’re feeling the least bit sick to your stomach.

7. Condom Collection

Condom Collection

As in number 7, this too is not an appealing idea to most. Depending upon whether or not the condoms are used, that is. Someone has posted a video on YouTube of their (unused) condom collection but there have also been purported cases of people collecting used condoms – and not just ones they’ve used themselves, either. There’s a company in China that makes hair bands from used condoms (of course, there are companies in China that make anything and everything out of anything and everything). Not the most attractive thing to put in your hair.

8. Bedhead Documentation

Bedhead Documentation

Japanese designer Negse actually calls documenting his bed head each morning a hobby. He’s been taking photos of his hair upon awakening for the past nine years and displaying the results at his website. Negse says he likes to wash his hair and go to bed with it wet to produce the best bed head each morning.

9. Crayon Carving

Crayon Carving

Believe it or not, there are actually people who create sculptures and artwork from crayons. Most people use their fingernails to carve the crayon into interesting shapes. Whomever came up with this one must have been really bored.

10. Eating Inanimate Objects

Eating Inanimate Objects

Whether this is a hobby or a mind sickness remains to be seen, but some people actually make a practice out of intentionally eating inanimate objects. However, this is a hobby that can kill you if taken too far.

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