10 Things To Do In London – Explore London

10 Things To Do In London – Explore London

If you are looking for clubs, dying to find quaint coffeehouses, yearning to study some architectural wonder or just simply desiring a nice, cool walk on one of the many bridges offered by the city, London is the place to be. A break in London will do well to anyone who is fond of a big city bustling with people, cultures and activities. And here are just a few things you cannot leave out if you intend to truly discover the cosmopolitan capital wonder called London.

1. London Eye

London Eye

The world’s biggest Ferris wheel offers an encapsulated experience that offers a breathtaking view of the city of London. Although the queue is long and so is the wait, the view forms the top in worth all the trouble. It is situated next to Waterloo Bridge and offers some spectacular fireworks if you happen to catch it on New Year’s Eve.[/step]

2. The Tower of London

tower of london

A most popular tourist attraction, the Tower of London deserves a must-visit with its historical context, Crown Jewel and the Royal Armouries. It offers a truly enriching experience for anyone interested in history and the often macabre atmosphere bears witness to tales of strange sightings at the Tower at nigh-time![/step]

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

st paul

The venue for the grand wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a work of great architecture that is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring. It is open to visitors six days a week and offers an exceptional carol singing spectacle on Christmas Eve. It also happens to be a mere walk away from the Millennium Bridge.[/step]

4. Buckingham Palace


The home of the Queen and the most recognizable landmark, Buckingham Palace, along with its guard-changing ceremony is not to be missed. A still cherished vision of royal grandeur, Buckingham palace! On special occasions, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family step onto the Balcony to wave to the crowds gathered below. Be sure not to miss the Queen’s gallery and the State ballroom, along with the Grand Staircase.[/step]

5. The British Museum


The world’s oldest museum, the British Museum can be termed as telling the stories of many civilizations. From exhibits from the grand Egyptian civilizations to the little more contemporary articles of Iranian history at display, it proudly hosts a collection wider than any and also more diverse than any in Britain. A few of its famous exhibits include Rameses II, the Mummified Cat, the Portland Vase and the Amitabha Buddha.[/step]

6.The Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Steeped in more than thousands of years of history, the Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church since 1066. Its library and Muniment Room house a collection of manuscripts and archives as old as the Abbey’s history. Even if that is not of interest to you, this is should be on your lists of places to see for the sole reason that it’s an inspiring work of architecture in itself.[/step]

7. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

This world-famous wax museum, situated near Baker Street, offers an impressive collection of celebrity wax figures that are famous for their exact likeness to the personalities. It is now considered somewhat of an honour to have you wax museum put at this museum, a meter for popularity and recognition. It houses were figures of famous people from all walks of life: politicians, singers, writers, monarchs and so on. It is the ultimate place for you to be photographed with whoever you want to, at your own expense and in your own time.[/step]

8. Tate Modern

tate modern

Britain’s national museum for modern art, Tate Modern is housed on the banks of River Thames. It displays works by the kinds of Picasso and Matisse as well as exhibitions and art installations that are as contemporary (like Andy Warhol) as they are often obscure and mind-riveting. The halls run the length of the building and it’s a pleasant, quiet and soothing environment to appreciate great works in with some windows according to a stunning view of the Millennium Bridge nearby.[/step]

9. Leicester Square


A square famous for celebrity premiers, bustling nightlife and the famous Hagen Daze ice cream parlour, Leicester square cannot be missed just for the reason that it offers an exciting view of what nightlife in London is and how bustling the city gets with its cosmopolitan culture engulfing a variety of festivities. Close to China Town and Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square is also a popular sport for celebrity film premiers.[/step]

10. The London Bridge and Tower Bridge Experience

The London Bridge and Tower Bridge Experience

The London Bridge and the Tower Bridge experience is a lot more than just a stroll across bridges pictured as landmarks; while the bridges offer an engaging view of the river, the activity around the area makes it even more interesting for touristy purposes. There is the London Dungeon for you to plunge into the darker side of entertainment, the famous club seOne that hosts popular nighttime entertainments and a string of coffeehouses so complementary to the British weather.[/step]

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