10 Things That Men Think Women Can Never Learn

10 Things That Men Think Women Can Never Learn

This is a world of competition and without reasonable doubt; women are in the forefront of absolutely everything under the sky, right alongside men. Nevertheless, the so-called superior specie likes to sometimes think otherwise. Here we have compiled for you a list of some stereotypes that men like to associate us ladies with and how we can justify each and every one of them:

1. Women Can’t Learn to Park A Car

Women Can’t Learn to Park A Car

Men think that a woman behind the wheel is a pure breed from dumb Ville. They think that perhaps a poor lady behind the wheel of an Escalade can’t use her sense of proper parking and will try her best to squeeze in her Escalade as if it is a mini cooper. They think that all we ladies can do our best with, is parallel parking, which means overlooking the little detail of the car’s rear, hanging straight out for oncoming traffic. But hang on! This just isn’t true for all women. Even men make such mistakes. So the next time you hear a man say that you can’t learn to park, be sure to park in a fashion where, when he wants to take the car out, his reversing skills are tested to a degree that puts him to shame.

2. Women Can’t Learn To Understand A Film Plot

Women Can t Learn To Understand A Film Plot

This one is just ridiculous. How can a woman not understand a film plot? It does not take a genius to understand what a film is all about. Once in a while, you sit down with your man to watch a movie, and you may have a bazillion things on your mind which have kept you occupied during the film. But when you innocently later ask a simple query regarding the film, he’ll just label you as utterly twisted, a kind of specie that couldn’t understand the entire film. When will these men ever learn that we women have the unbelievable ability to multi-task? Some of the best films made in recent times are made by women. The Hurt Locker is an exceptional example.

3. Women Can’t Learn To Read A Map

Women Can t Learn To Read A Map

Trust us Venusians, you know-it-all Martians! We do understand navigation and if once in a while we go off-route, we might have done so because we have so many things on our minds. However, never has it been that we have not reached our destination. Reading a map maybe difficult but not in the least bit impossible. There is everything on a map to make it understandable. If we can read what’s on your mind, trust this; reading a map is a walk-in-the-park. Try getting three kids to school on time during rush-hour without a map!

4. Women Can’t Learn To Watch A Documentary

Women Can t Learn To Watch A Documentary

To refute this one; we women do like documentaries that ’interest’ us. Women like watching stuff that has spice, intrigue and juice in them. There have been documentaries like Grey Gardens, Big brother, Big Business, Apollo Zero, The Truth According to Wikipedia etc, which have been interesting enough to watch. Ladies in general can learn to and also like to watch a documentary that grasps their interest. So by making such a generalized statement regarding them not being able to learn to watch a documentary on let’s say Cars and some technology related material is simply being bias. If we sit with you and watch such documentaries, it is out of sheer respect for the stuff that you like to watch.

5. Women Can’t Learn To Get To The Point

Women Can t Learn To Get To The Point

>Okay! Women like to elaborate only to make it easier for men to understand their point of view. They like to talk. Sure, they like to make sense. If for instance a woman is trying to tell a man that she doesn’t like a certain way the man is dealing with something, she is only trying to help him with several hundred examples so that he can understand. But obviously, men like to tell us ladies that we have the ’gift of the gab’. Ah! If only they could understand.

6. Women Can’t Learn to Stop Gossiping

Women Can t Learn to Stop Gossiping

Men perceive women to be born to spread the word like a wild fire. True enough to a certain degree. We like to talk. It is as simple as that! We women like to talk about anything that’s absolutely anything! It makes us happy, and we do not normally do it intentionally to hurt another person. We are just built that way. Why not look at the brighter side of us women gossiping, that leading phone companies in the world might as well go bankrupt if we didn’t use our amazing qualities of keeping a conversation flowing and adding that extra spice in our lives. It is only due to this marvelous quality of ours that TV shows such as Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl are so famous also. At least we are not boring and mundane!

7. Women Can’t Learn To Spend Less Time In The Washroom

Women Can t Learn To Spend Less Time In The Washroom

Have you actually ever wondered why we take so much time in the washroom? The answer is simple, for personal gratification and obviously to come out shining as beautiful as new for you men. Men normally get in the shower, quickly soap up and before you know it they are drying themselves out of the shower. We women take our sweet time to have that luxurious bath, scrubbing and bathing. Putting on all sorts of creams and lotions for a smoother body and adding a dash of perfume spray to feel good after a long day and also to be devoured by our man.

8. Women Can’t Learn To Not Make Comments

Women Can t Learn To Not Make Comments

Well obviously! If there is a woman who is looking really nice, why not comment on it. Why not secretly wonder where she could have bought that certain dress, shoes or jewels from? Why not have those same things in your own closet too? Why not look equally ravishing? On the other hand, if a woman is distastefully dressed, we just can’t help not noticing that and make a comment on it. As then we are hell bent to wonder whatever the hell went wrong with her choice. And simply why would she be dressed to look absolutely absurd? In today’s day and age we are empowered with the basic fashion and style sense through television and magazines, so why not make the best use of it. And when the best use of such sense is not made, we are bound to make justifiable comments. It’s just who we are!

9. Women Can’t Learn To Window Shop

Women Can t Learn To Window Shop

Shopping is one major weakness of a woman. You just have to understand that. If we see an awesome dress or a shoe through a window, we can’t help not getting into the shop and buying it. The first thing that enters our minds is that what if we spend a day just thinking about buying the dress and when you come back, it has already been bought. The worst comes when we see another woman wearing that dress or shoe that we desperately wanted to get while window shopping. It is actually depressing, because we just know that it would have looked so much better on us than them! Depression is a new name for untamed rage. So next time you choose to take us window shopping, imagine what your life would become in case you choose not to buy us that amazing Nina Ricci shoe.

10. Women Can’t Learn To Try Not To Change You

Women Can t Learn To Try Not To Change You

It goes without saying that we women are an absolute 180 degrees opposite of what you men are. There are certain, well perhaps a lot of things about you which drive us up the wall and we want them to be changed. We change everything about our original existence from the sweet sixteen years to what we are with you all now. You think we can’t change and are here to conquer the world! You are right about that, but it’s you who doesn’t want to change anything. For instance, when you come back from work, it will not take you very long to get into the shower, change and be all fresh. Is it too much to ask of you to keep your work stench away from us? Or when you get into the bed every night and he turns over to play a silly game on his cell phone, killing all intimacy and putting you both to sleep, as we too have another long day to look forward too. Hence, by changing you we are being generous enough to make your life simple and putting our peace of mind at ease.

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