10 Political Movies

10 Political Movies

Cinema has always been a top favourite medium of expression, a way to captivate the audience’s attention and convey to them a message more effectively than can be done through any other medium. Hence, movies surrounding political dramas, issues or certain political figures occupy a prominent place in the world box office. Here are a few of the movies that have left a deep impression on the audience’s mind worldwide:

1. Che

Che 2008 - Top 10 Political Movies

Released in 2008 as a two part biopic about the Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara, this movie was met by a strong box-office response. The first part, titled Argentine focuses on the landing of Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries that brought about the toppling of the dictatorship of Batista as a result of the Cuban Revolution. The second part is a tale of Che’s struggle to bring about revolution in Bolivia and his eventual demise. This movie sheds revealing light on the events that turned Che into a legend.

2. Frost Nixon

Frost Nixon - Top 10 Political Movies

President Nixon remained silent for three years after the events of the Water-gate scandal that forced him out of his American presidency and when he did break this silence it was in a series of interviews conducted in 1977 where his interviewer was David Frost. This movie dramatically captures the on-goings of these interviews and the battle of wits that ensued as the camera rolls. Apart from the political significance, the movie is a sheer delight for its screenplay alone.

3. The Queen

The Queen - Top 10 Political Movies

The success of this British drama came as a surprise to many. It captures the events leading to and the aftermath of Lady Diana’s death in Paris. Only, in this movie, the focal attention is on the Queen and the days she spends coping with the public pressure and national opinion. It is a kindred portrait of a Queen who is not apathetic but just simply living in times that are not suited to the royalty she is used to and is a refreshing and positive take on the unfortunate events.

4. Charlie Wilson’s War

A 2007 drama based on the Texan congressman Charlie Wilson’s covert interference in the country of Afghanistan where he offers aid to the rebels for fighting against the Soviets; it is these actions that have the long-reaching effect that the world knows in the form of terror today. This movie captures quite successfully the importance, strategy and tactics of lobbying and how one selfish act of political warfare can sabotage many other causes.

5. Gandhi

The role that won Ben Kingsley an Oscar leads a movie that does justice to the life of a man who led India to its independence. The movie can be slow at time but is an accurate account of the life and times of the revolutionary Indian leader.

6. All the President’s Men

A perfect rendition of the paranoia of the time of the Watergate scandal, this is a very well-made movie. The story follows the two reporters who unveil the Watergate scandal and the way they go about discovering what would be the cause of President Nixon’s term-cancellation.

7. Manchurian Candidate

So powerful in its effect that it was removed from view for the years following John F. Kennedy’s assassination, this is a story of mind control over a Korean War prisoner who is trained to assassinate the president. The movie enjoys widespread critical acclaim even today.

8. Malcolm X

This motion picture boasts of a magnificent performance by Denzel Washington as a character who still remains largely controversial. This follows the early life of Malcolm X to the events that made him the world-known political figure that he is today. The director’s rendition of the character is mellow and unbiased which is always refreshing in politically-oriented movie.

9. Persepolis

This new-age autobiographical animation movie about a childhood spent in Iran under the Islamist regime is an eye-opener in many ways. It’s frank portrayal of stereotypes and brutal humour sheds light on a nation much understood and a people who have suffered immensely.

10. Hotel Rwanda

This 2004 movie explains how Hotel Rwanda, known to the West as a distant mystic habitat of the mountain guerrillas that Dian Fossey worked to help, became a melting pot for ethnic rivalry in the post-colonial era. The movie traces a true story of personal heroism of a hotel manager who rises to the occasion to display immense courage.

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