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10 Most Common Passwords of Girls

10 Most Common Passwords of Girls

Cybersecurity is one of the major issues nowadays but still creating “password” as a password is apparently a thing.

According to the recent survey, the most popular password that makes up nearly 17 percent of the 10 million passwords that were analyzed in the survey was “123456.” “Password” was also the most commonly used passwords.

Women are very concerned about the security of their accounts. Hence, it is a little mystery that girls tend to be open-minded when it is about setting passwords. Most of the girls get their ids hacked because of their abilities to setting easy passwords. So, the girls even get caught by the highly unskilled phishermen. In this article, we have provided ten reasons that why girls’ passwords get hacked easily.


By setting these passwords, you give a low blow to the whole concept of “password”. Yes, there is no doubt that these passwords are easy to remember but you must know that these combinations ca be predicted by every tom, dick and harry hacker.


What a great innovation. Most women will not use the treacherous canyons and crevasses of the brain. However, according to the surveys, there are some extremely intellectual anomalies with “password?” being of evolutionary importance.


The women, who are obsessed with aerobics, will keep their passwords as consecutive keys of a single row. As according to the research, moving fingers up and down the keyboard will make them witch-like bony.


It is a primordial instinct to keep the name or a nickname as a password. Moreover, there are also some extremely cautious belladonnas who add the year of birth too. There are also many girls out there who will also raise blast walls around their accounts by setting the secret question as “What is my name?” As usually, the first question that is asked by most women from e-mails is “Where did you get my e-mail address”, it seems like they are rapidly realizing the dangers of revealing the password in their email address.


This is another favorite password of females. Some women change their passwords according to the places where they live or move. A quick ASL, however, will provide a harmful contact with all the information. In the recent time, a patriotic women organization known as the “Ladies of Overt Nationalism” (LOON) has accused the internet for imposing the minimum password length of six characters as according to them this act is against national interest, which does not allow them to keep the password “USA”.


This will be a little difficult for the hackers if they do not know the name of the girl’s best friend. However, basic social engineering moves can help in this case. Though, the prefix “fuck” or suffix “bitch” ca also work if the best friend has taken her boyfriend.


As you move up the IQ ladder, the passes get increasingly complex. Though, there are many women who will unintentionally give them out and realize later, when the flowers are not delivered.


This is the favorite password of housewives. These passwords can be usually picked up on instant messengers in personal messages like “YOU ARE SO HOT XXXX” or the Now Playing messages. If all of it fails, then the best way is to just look at the profile photo.


These passwords are common with active women who are interested in sports. The passwords “arsenal” and “Liverpool”, have been widely used and these passwords are also noted for their negligible ill effects on fingers and brain, both for the victim and the perpetrator.


There have been a lot of matches if you compare a list of common women’s passwords with a list of the dumbest movies ever made. This has been realized by hackers since a long time. Moreover, their wordlists usually abound with variants of “gonewiththewind” and “uvegotmail”.

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