10 High Budget Movies Which Were A Huge Flop

10 High Budget Movies Which Were A Huge Flop

Every now and then you would see a great theatrical trailer and you would like to spend that extra money and that precious time of yours to sit down and spend an hour or two de-stressing in front of your TV or in a theatre. But then, when those much hyped about movies come by flying as a complete disaster across to you, you just wish something extremely horrible to have happened to those bird brains who served such a heap of nonsense across to you. Here we have compiled a list of ten movies that you seriously need to beware of:

1. Ishtar


In 1987, a completely luminous director, namely Elaine May, directed one of the most expensive comedy movie of its times, which was also one of the most moronic ventures anyone would invest in not only making, but also watching. A whopping $55 million were spent in the making of this film, and generating only unbelievable $14 million revenue. Having an actor like Dustin Hoffman, didn’t even do justice to this project. Those 107 minutes are extreme torture. It is no surprise that this movie was nominated for the two most prestigious award categories: Worst Screenplay and Worst Picture in the 1987 Golden Raspberry Awards. It won for the Worst Director.

2. Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate

Ever heard of the term box-office bomb? It is a the type of a bomb which when detonated, leaves such a catastrophic disaster that you just find ruble of the rubbish that goes in the pages of box-office flops, those pages which you do not wish to turn to read! Heaven’s Gate is one such box-office bomb. A staggering $44 million were spent in the creation of such a theatre disaster. This dreary flick won the Worst Director award and was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival as Palme d’Or.

3. Water world

Water world

This one is probably one of the most expensive films of the ‘90’s. The budget of the moving was $172 million. People actually thought that this movie would be one of the best Kevin Costner’s starred in. Very unfortunately, this was a simple rotten piece of garbage and a complete time waster. Spending money to watch this on should be a crime.

4. Cut-Throat Island

Cut-Throat Island

This one deserves a real acclaim to its writer, director and simply all those involved in its creation. A film of the ‘90’s which a complete catastrophe at the box office was also put in the Guinness Book of World Records, for its failure. How could a movie themed on ‘pirates’ just go wrong! The film’s total budget for producing this master-crap was $92 million. Audiences had serious doubts of any pirate themed movie to ever do wonders ever again. But thank the Lord for Pirates of the Caribbean; else we all would still be stuck to not being able to watch good quality flicks on a theme like this.

5. Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2: Cruise Control

After having seen Speed, we were all interested in watching the sequel to the amazing action pact thriller. However, this one was not only a critical disaster; it was just a painful watch. The budget for the sequel was four times to that of the first part, being a crazy $110 million. This flick was a simple witless watch. It failed to charm even the dud of all duds. More over if a movie has been chosen for seven ‘worst’ nominations, you can well imagine what a flop it was.

6. Battlefield Earth: A saga of the year 3000

Battlefield Earth: A saga of the year 3000

Does one not know that to every great novel, there really cannot be a great movie every time? We have Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight sagas etc today as exceptions. This one is just a calamity on one’s normal healthy mind. The makers of the film spent $75 million on this rubbish which simply failed to make any sense at all. Have they really started making movies for the dull brained morons who have absolutely nothing better to do on weekends or perhaps also any other day of the week? What do these film makers see their targeted audience as, remains a question of great interest!

7. The Adventures of Pluto Nash

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Any one ready for some spaced out nonsense? This one should be a great watch for them. After two years of Warner Bros. not being able to come up with a great flick, this one comes to the theatres only to want to make you question your taste for movies and wondering why Eddie Murphy would even take up a role in a movie of this kind. The movie is simply tacky. So much money spent on its creation is mind boggling! The sad part is, this supposedly humorous movie does not make you even smirk once in those aching 95 minutes.

8. Gigli


Just when all of us who tune into the channel E! for news and celeb gossips, get our hopes up to see the A- list celeb couple (of that time) Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a movie together, it comes out as one hell of an irritating insult on those of us who stood in the theatre queue and spent money on seeing this disaster. Being a high budgeted movie with a great real-time celeb couple starring in it, you’d just be thrown away in dismay. This movie is vulgar in all fashions and extremely insensitive. Gigli, does not only throw you is dismay, it also angers you to crazy heights.

9. Catwoman


We’ve loved Catwoman in Batman. We were all looking forward to a great movie based entirely on this famous fictitious character from the Batman series. But no wait! We just had to be blown away by its dull action features, the poorly structured character of the Catwoman and an extremely weak story line. A movie that budgeted $100 million for its making deserved to be far much better than the final product. It just did not settle in well with the critics and the audience.

10. Stealth


This piece of junk cost $138 million and has been acclaimed to being one of those films which has resulted in having one of the biggest losses in cinematic history in Hollywood. This one is such a painful watch that it just makes you wonder why you even thought of watching a movie this horrible and distasteful. If you want to seriously torture someone, putting this one up for them would be the perfect suffering.

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