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10 Bizarre Insurance Claims

10 Bizarre Insurance Claims

More or less, we all have some insurance claims made at least once in our lifetimes. However, courting to some bizarre claims takes real patience. Here we have compiled for you some totally wacky and absurd insurance claims:

1. Wasp Torment!

Wasp Torment

A driver once got into the strangest of all situations. He got into an accident because a wasp made its way up his pants, resulting in him to go in a frenzy of panic and hitting the accelerator with all his might. Brains did not allow him to keep his foot on the brake as he was waiting at a traffic signal with cars ahead of him.

2. A Load of Bull!

A Load of Bull

The country life is a marvelous place for a humble abode that is if you do not reside near a farm which has bulls that like to wander in the countryside. It becomes rather shoddier when three of your neighbors bulls end up in your private backyard, and destroy your lovely garden, your fence and all your lattices. That is some serious bull!

3. Sheer Impudence

Sheer Impudence

Some very uncertain claims were made against the local authorities by a man who repeatedly insisted on having a new pair of pants, he claimed that the closure of a bus station lavatory led to him soiling his trousers.

4. Furry Friends

Furry Friends

We thought only humans had the capacity of suffering from weird afflictions. A few pet insurance alleges are not as clear-cut as a flea infection. Some of the more abnormal disorders to bother pooches might just be narcolepsy and flatulence. Although, the pet insurance folks might forgive you for thinking that perhaps constant sleeping and flatulence were ordinary behavioral traits when it concerns the canine breeds!

5. Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Being harassed by a monkey on a holiday trip has to be really comical, but not something that one would expect. A certain British vacationer in Gibraltar was so weighed down by the overtly interest and attention of an over-gracious monkey, that he insisted his insurer to refund the entire cost of his trip. Obviously, the insurer repudiated, but he did end up paying for the man’s camera which the monkey conveniently had run off with.

6. Zebra Collision

Zebra Collision

A man claimed that a zebra collided with his car while he was at a safari park. Well to be honest, how can a zebra collide with a car by sheer mistake! They really are no shopping trolleys in a super market, and commonly most animals primal instincts allow them to stay away from a vehicle that is loaded with people on a safari. This is probably one of those bizarre claims, where the insurance company knows in all aspects of the given situation that the truth maybe far from what the man claimed, but they really cannot question the zebra in this case!

7. Death


In 2001, a man in Oregon, USA, lost the control of his truck, which slammed into a mailbox; the truck flipped onto its side and knocked down high voltage power lines. At that instant the driver lunged out of his vehicle and looked at the situation with a pair of pruning shears that he had held in his hands. He was electrocuted during this by a 7500 volt cable. His astounded passenger survived, only to be arrested on a disparate warrant.

8. Cyclops Driving!

Cyclops Driving

A woman claimed that, the accident took place because she had one eye on the lorry that was in the front of her car, one eye on the pedestrian and the other on the car that was behind her.

9. Talk About Being Slow!

Talk About Being Slow

When one misreads their flight details, that are probably acceptable, something that necessitates in a frenzied dash to the departure gate. However, there was one such family that turned up late for their flight but had no such frenzy. Their flight had departed almost a month ago. They were denied their claim and compensation from their travel insurer.

10. Out of Schedule!

Out of Schedule

A man claimed that while going to work at 7 am one morning, he drove out of his drive way, straight into a bus. He claimed that the bus was five minutes early than its scheduled time.

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