Top 10: What if I win a lottery?

Top 10: What if I win a lottery?

Like everyone else, you might have bought a lottery ticket, at least once, only to find that your number is not amongst the winners. But imagine that you win a jackpot. What will a person do if you if he or she is lucky to get cash out of it. Here is my list:

1. Pay all dues:

The first thing which anyone, with loans, will do would be to return the money. Banks and individuals, who have lent the money, will be paid back. For a while, my medical and education will be taken care of.

2. Help out others:

Helping friends and family won’t be bad. Other than that, paying some amount as donation won’t also cost much. There are a lot of organizations which ask or donations and assistance. It may also be a personal consolation.

3. Buy a car:

Depending on the cash at hand, one would certainly go for a car. Something like McLaren will be best bet.

4. Own a house:

Certainly, one will go for a house with all the money. But where: Manhattan in U.S. or Kensington Square in U.K.? Not necessarily. Reserving money for a house with all the amenities would be a great idea in the long-term.

5. Start a business:

Business will take care for the continuous recovery of money. Any business would do. Being a winner of jackpot, I will try to offer advices and tips to others over getting rich. A neo-consultancy wouldn’t be bad. Moreover, books and videos will be launched.

6. Vacations and a global tour:

With money at hand, who won’t go for months-long vacations? I will like to make a trip across the globe. I will start from one end to the point where I can pay for the fuel. If there is much in the lotto, I will pay for space trip.

7. Personal jet:

Why pay for a global tour if I can buy a personal jet. But would that move across countries? I very much doubt so. Then I think I will have to rely on car inside my country and public airline for the world.

8. Put in bank:

Something has to be kept in the bank for the rainy days. The bank will also feel good and may rank my value.

9. More lotteries?

When I will win a lottery, I would have come to know about whether I should or not invest more into lotteries. So, I will either buy more of it or none.

10. Count the money:

Will I be able to do all these things? The most important thing would perhaps be to count where the money is flowing out. Otherwise, a single car will burn lotto out.

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