Top 10 Weaknesses Of A Woman In A Relationship with A Man

Top 10 Weaknesses Of A Woman In A Relationship with A Man

Every human being who has seized to have a healthy normal life has had weaknesses. By, weaknesses we do not mean health related issues, but those tiny mole hills or mountains for some of us women, on which we normally trip upon or find it necessary to take some Prozac for. So here is a list of at least ten out of bazillion weaknesses that a woman has when in a relationship. However, let it be known to all the men reading this, that we women do not find this list as a matter of pride; rather it’s a matter of angst for when you men are not-so-understanding.


1. Self-esteem is attached to being beautiful and popular

Thank you boys for this really uncalled for reason. Some men just have this divine power of throwing our self esteem down to making us want to look pretty all the time, so that when we go out for a social call, our beauty should be that subtle sign of victory for their friends or colleagues. And if she is a social butterfly, nothing like it. If she is known, he is in the loop of gaining the same popularity. This may not be true for all members of the other species, but for most, especially those who suffer from massive dosage of low self esteem themselves.

2. Completely Emotional

Most of us ladies think more from our hearts than from that organ we are gifted with called the brain. However, with time, I have come to realize that we are just made that way. Nevertheless, it is one of our biggest weaknesses as far as our relationships are concerned. The heart tends to absorb male data faster than the brain, which lands us is piles of gloom.

3. Disclosing information

Since, the male mind is a series of comic complications, which women can just not understand, they tend to just talk endlessly about all their issues with their best friends and even colleagues at work. This can back fire. Remember, when a woman wants to be vengeful towards another woman, she does not take long to bombard her with all the information she shared with her. Towards the end of the day, it just simply stabs her like a steak knife being rammed in her chest.

4. Forgiving

Women are crafted in such a peculiar fashion by God. They are just so forgiving when in a relationship. Apart from the unforgivable crime of cheating, a woman will forgive her man for anything under the sky. All a man needs to do is to make that sorry face, and that just does it for her. Later, when the same mistake is repeated by the man, which in some cases is evident that it will, she again simply forgives. There is a serious need for this damaging act of ours to end, before we end!

5. Expectations and false hopes

Women in general, have heaps of expectations and hopes from their men. I particularly blame this on those annoying romantic novels, movies and TV shoes. The more we expect and hope, the more we will be shattered.

6. Wanting the partner to be romantic most of the time

Ladies, we all want to be told about how much we are loved in probably a thousand ways. But, sadly, these people called men just do not get it. It is easier for them to express our negatives but when it comes to expressing that emotion called love, they just fail miserably at it. It weakens us truly!

7. Offering innocent ideas

When women give away complete innocent and honest ideas to their partners, it is taken in a light so different that we regret having said anything in the first place. A woman’s suggestions towards something different, or some piece of information that she thinks would be helpful for her partner when shared, the man takes it as criticism, blame and in some horrid cases as condemnation. Then all of that is followed by brawls, and it all boils down to a pool of heart rendering tear for her. It is only her love for her partner to share such views, but this weakness of hers can somehow manage to drive him crazy. How it manages to make him crazy, is still a mystery!

8. Bending over her partner’s shoulders for comfort

When a woman wants to unload all of her worries to her man, it is seen as a call for help. Here the man tends to feel sorry for her. Having pity on her only makes her more vulnerable. Men also tend to perceive this as nagging from the woman, and that just does not settle in well with him.

9. If you are more successful than him

When a woman is more successful than her man, instead of that being a reason of pride for her, it normally ends up being her ultimate weakness in her relationship. The man feels threatened and even in some cases intimidated. Why that is, is something that women just do not understand! But this becomes one of her weaknesses only as it ends up threatening that delicate thread of her relationship.

10. Giving up everything far too quickly

Call it trust or a plain retarded behavior; women tend to just simply give up too quickly on most of the valuable things in their lives. Be it their apartments, finances, time, bodies, hearts and the list is endless. They do it nearly at the drop of an insane ugly hat! Without knowing the real intentions of the man, they just make this most absurd mistake. Maybe it is because of a sense of insecurity or perhaps they believe that the man will love her more in return for such charitable acts of hers. It is one of the most foolish weaknesses and mistakes. Giving up too quickly on anything is simply not done!

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