Top 10 Ways Of Making A Woman Miserable

Top 10 Ways Of Making A Woman Miserable

This one is for women. Those women, who are married, are in a relationship and even for those who want to be in a relationship. Ladies, be consoled and know that you are not alone. We all are made miserable in one or many of the ways listed below. As for the men reading this, we really wish you folks could learn not to make us so miserable.

1. The Communication Barrier

This is one of those times in the day, when an extremely important conversation is going through our heads, and we want to talk about it. Instead of listening intently to our worries, he would simply turn his head towards the television and make that serious face, and pretend to be listening. Trust us, we are no blind!

2. The Mess

He comes back after a long days’ work. He sits on the couch, and gradually, starting from his shoes to his socks, everything starts to just come off. Why would he not go to the changing room, is because that’s a few extra steps and he might find some wall hooks to hang those clothes. Ah! How difficult is that! Plus there is always the wife or partner to clear the mess. So why bother.

3. Only Money Can Keep a Woman’s Mouth Shut!

That’s simply offensive! I mean, come on, in the real world we all want a little dough in our wallets to get that great Tee or those perfect pair of shoes. However, why would he understand that? We are simple spend thrifts. He may buy an expensive car or cell phone for himself. But us, buying those shoes is a simple crime.

4. Parenting is the woman’s job!

The social stereotypical man will just believe that he is the ‘provider’ and you are the ‘nurturer’. But what when you and he both are working professionals? You are tired and need just a few hours off of parenting and how nice would it be for him to babysit. No ladies! His main job after coming back from work is just to lounge around.

5. The Perpetual Worker

If he invites his friends over for dinner, be ready! It is your duty to cater to his uninvited friends too. Also, be sure to have prepared the best cuisine and do not forget the desert!

6. Do not call when at work

When at work, he’s with colleagues and other important people. He is just too busy for that five minute chat. We never chat for five minutes remember! You could be in an emergency, but that can all take a back seat until he returns home. Send an SMS instead. However, that’s not enough for us, we do want instant feedback.

7. I Compare You to My Mother !

We are always told, by our sisters, our mothers even our grandmothers that a man always looks for those godly traits that his mother possesses. So from time to time we try to be like them, and when we fail, in our misery we tell them how we just can’t live up to those motherly quality expectations. And here comes the major blow! How dare we even think of comparing ourselves to the mums? And how very disrespectful of us to have even done so!

8. Television is His Best Friend

You have had a good day and so has he. Everything is perfectly harmonious. You want to spend those last hours before you both hit the bed with him. Cuddled, feeling warm and affectionate. But no wait! That can be done with the television switched on as well. Now if that does not make you feel special (pun intended), then what else would?

9. Just be ‘happy’ at all times

A normal human being can not be naturally happy at all times! However, when he greets you when he comes back from work, he needs a constant pleasant and smiling face to look at. You may have had a rough day, but that’s the least of his concerns when he sees you.

10. His Ego is Larger than His Physical-self

When you do finally manage to lose your cool and burst the bubble in a fight, remember, he’ll manage to make you feel even more miserable with his undying ego and will pick up more guns against you than you’d have imagined. Little do they know that our brawls are a way of wanting a solution to the problem we fight over.

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