The Residential Information of the Richest Americans

The Residential Information of the Richest Americans

The newest “Forbes 400: The Full List of The Richest People in America” is out now. Have you guys checked it? If no, then keep reading! Here we have provided you with the most interesting facts related to the residency of the richest Americans.

This time again, Bill Gates is on No.1 with a net worth of $95 billion. Jeff Besoz is standing number one with net worth 160.2 billion dollars . However, his friend Warren Buffett is on number 3 for the first time in the last 15 years with a net worth of $88.3 billion.

This is due to the soaring stock prices of hot tech firms. It seems like the CEOs at the helm of those companies look as if they have been gathering wealth at a much faster pace than others in the race. The CEO of Mr. Jeff Bezos gained $20 billion in order to boost his net worth to $67 billion. This has made him the second-richest man in the U.S.

The CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is in the fourth place. This one is his highest rank ever and he has a total net worth of $61.2 billion. Though, the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison jumped to No. 5. He has gained this position for the first time since 2007. The net worth of Larry is $49.3 billion.

On the 6th position, there is a former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is the CEO of the firm Bloomberg L.P. He has a net worth of $45 billion.

The six richest multi-billionaires that have been mentioned above have a combined $363.3 billion at their withdrawal. More than half of this money is still held as stakes in the companies that they have found. Although, some part of their wealth is vested in real estate. Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft owns a Washington mansion that is worth about $170 million. Moreover, he also has several horse ranches across the U.S. and he also shares in some luxury hotel chains through his private investment firm, Cascade.

In this article, we have compiled the information regarding the residences of the six richest men.

1 – Jeff Bezos Worth: $160.2 billion Home: Medina, Washington

Jeff Bezos

Mr. Bezos is 53 years old. At now, he is in the process of building his e-commerce empire. He scooped up a huge amount of real properties over the years that took him the No. 26 spot on The Land Report’s list of America’s largest landowners last year. If we look in the terms of residences, then he has a 165,000-acre ranch in West Texas, a waterfront house in Washington state, three linked apartments in Manhattan’s Century Tower, and he also possesses a 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate that according to Forbes, boasts Tom Cruise as a neighbor.

The home of Mr. Bezos in Medina, Washington is close to Amazon’s headquarters. This big house has 5.35 acres and about 29,000 square-foot of living space. Apart from the main home, he also has a caretaker’s cottage and a 4,500-square-foot boathouse on Lake Washington.

2 – Bill Gates Worth: $95 billion, Home: Medina, Washington

bilgates house

Bill Gates used to spend most of his time at his 66,000-square-foot Medina, Washington, mansion. The nickname of his mansion is Xanadu 2.0 and it is being named after the title character’s estate in Citizen Kane. The huge mansion of Bill Gates overlooks Lake Washington. Mr. Gates has spent almost seven years and $63.2 million to build this house. This house is equipped with lots of high-tech features. In 1988, he purchased the lot for $2 million but according to public records, it’s now worth an estimated $170 million.

3 – Warren Buffett Worth: $88.3 billion, Home: Omaha, Nebraska

Warren Buffett

Many investors on earth possess multiple real estate investments, but Mr. Buffett who is 86 years old is famous for living a humble life.

He bought his home in 1958 which lies on a corner in Omaha, Nebraska. At that time he bought it for $31,500. Since that time, Mr. Buffett has lived there. Though the house was originally built in 1921 it underwent many expansions. This has been done in order to make it more comfortable. The expansion was of  6,500-square-foot and Mr. Buffet has a net worth of over $65.5 billion.

4 – Mark Zuckerberg Worth: $61.2 billion, Home: Palo Alto, California

Mark Zuckerberg house

Mark Zuckerberg who is the youngest richest entrepreneur spends most of his possessions on schools, health and many other activities for the good of human beings. If we take a look at his real estate portfolio then it includes his home in Palo Alto and a 9.9-million pied-a-terre near Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Mr. Zuckerberg is only 32 years old and he purchased his first Craftsman-style 5,000-square-foot home in Palo Alto in 2011 for $7 million at that time. Moreover, he also bought four of the houses that were surrounding his home in the following years for an amount of about $43.8 million. He has done this to keep his privacy. However, until now he has not rebuilt those houses but this was a part of his plans.

5 – Larry Ellison Worth: $58.4 billion, Home: Woodside, California

Larry Ellison house

Larry Ellison who is the executive chairman of Oracle and is 72 years old, has a wide real estate portfolio. Mr. Ellison has bought up large parts of whole neighborhoods in Malibu and around Lake Tahoe. Moreover, he also possess a $70-million Beechwood Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island; that is a garden villa in Kyoto, Japan; and 98% of the land of Lanai that is the sixth largest island of Hawaii. According to published reports, he bought it in 2012 for $500 million.

Furthermore, his estate in Woodside, California, which has an estimated worth of $110 million, is modeled after 16th-century Japanese architecture, complete with a man-made 2.3-acre lake.

6 – Michael Bloomberg Worth: $51.8 billion, Home: Manhattan, New York

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg who is former New York City Mayor and is 74 years old, has a lot of properties worldwide. He used to spend most of his time at his Upper Estate Side townhouse. Moreover, he also has got estates in the Hamptons in New York, as well as in London, Bermuda, Colorado, and Florida.

So, this is the residential information of the richest men in the world. We hope that you have a good time reading this article. For more fun facts and jokes, keep visiting our website.


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