10 Creative Drug Smuggling Schemes

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17 Apr 10 at 03 20 pm | posted by Lavender
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10 Creative Drug Smuggling Schemes

Being innovative and outrageously creative in drug smuggling schemes requires a lot of  desperation and obviously a lot of brains. Conversely, evidently as creative as the list of such schemes is as below, they all still got caught. Nevertheless, they do deserve a cachet for coming up with such ingenious ideas.


Cocaine Pringles

Chopping and slicing thinly sheets of cocaine to make it look just like Pringles and then putting them in a can of Pringles is definitely a pure desperate act of genius. In 2006, Austin, Texas, police found about 168 grams of cocaine inside a can of Pringles. The cocaine was ingeniously made to look like the actual Pringles crisps. Talk about creativity!


Cocaine Statue of Jesus Christ

We have all heard of religious statues being filled with drugs, but imagine a statue being made of plaster and drugs, and that to a statue of no ordinary bloke, but that of Jesus! In 2008, in Texas, the U.S. customs officials caught a woman at the border crossing in Laredo. She was carrying the 6.6 pound statue and trying to escape to Mexico. The creators of this specific statue were so creative with their craft, that they made the entire statue of the Christian Savior with illicit white powder, painted the statue and made it look extremely regal. They were actually hoping to sell it for $30, 000.


Leg Cast

In March, 2009, Spanish police arrested a man who had arrived at Barcelona airport from Chile after successfully formatting that the cast on his fractured leg was actually made of cocaine. The peculiar thing about this innovative way of smuggling drugs is that, the 66 year old Chilean man had a real fracture of two bones below the knee.However the police suspected that he or his accomplices may have actually fractured the leg intentionally, just so that the cocaine cast could be applied. The police seized 4.8 kilograms (10.5 lb) of cocaine from a leg cast.

Human Hair Extensions

In 2006, Namibian authorities caught a 21 year old Angolan national at the HoseaKutako International Airport, in connection with an alleged plan of smuggling drugs into the country. The extremely creative aspect of this case of drug smuggling is that the suspect was attempting to use cocaine lightly spread over some 76 packets of human hair extensions.


Stuffing of a Giant Squid with a Dash of Pepper

In 2004, Peruvian police seized nearly 1,540 pounds (700 Kilograms) of cocaine that was stuffed and hidden in a frozen giant squid, which was bound to go to Mexico and the United States. The much artistic fashion of smuggling drugs in this manner was not only filling a frozen giant squid with cocaine but further wrapping it up in pepper, so that in case they were caught, the sniffer dogs would be left off sneezing from the scene and diverts the officials. However, that did not happen and the police caught about seven suspects.

Condoms Wrapped with Drugs Stuffed into Snakes

In 1993, the Drug Enforcement Agents at Miami airport seized nearly 36 kilograms of cocaine wrapped in condoms and stuffed in Boa constrictors. The snakes had been imported from South America, and were still alive when they were found. There were over 312 snakes about 1.5 meters in length. The cocaine was actually found by mistake when one of the snakes appeared to have an abnormal bulge. The security officials X-rayed it to see what was inside and ultimately removed two condom wrapped pellets. No one was charged in relation to the case, as the officials were unable to find the people behind not only such a creative, baffling and a little perverted drug smuggling case.


Baby s Diaper filled with Drugs

In June, 2009, a 22 year old young mother was caught trying to smuggle amphetamines into a Rheinbach prison, by filling up her daughter's diaper with the drugs. The police arrested the young woman and her 41 year old husband. The police found 15 grams of amphetamines and 46 pills in their 17month old daughter's diaper. Upon further investigation, the police recovered 12 grams of amphetamines hidden in her clothing as well. Sure it was creative to smuggle drugs in a diaper, but into a federal prison? How absurd could one get?

Hiding Drugs In Garden Gnomes

Seriously who would even think of looking for drugs in garden gnomes, but hats off for the granny who hid coke in her garden gnomes? Yes! The 52 year old woman was caught with in excess of nearly three kilograms of Charlie at the Auckland Airport in 2004. The drug known to be the Peruvian Red Bull was secretly hidden inside four garden gnomes in a suitcase. Linda Martin, the accused, blamed that she had been hoodwinked by a Nigerian drug gang. After her trial, Justice John Priestly established that Martin was immature, but as she knew that she was dealing with drug trafficker, and also considering her cooperation with the customs and the police, her health problems and her obvious lack of previous convictions, he granted her imprisonment for eight and a half years.

Drug Bugs

In 2007, custom officials in Amsterdam found 100 dead beetles that had been stuffed with cocaine, while inspecting a package from Peru. The bugs contained a total of 300 grams of cocaine. The estimated street value of the drugs from bugs was about 8,000 Euros ($ 11,270). A government spokesperson said that they had never seen anything like that previously. Well obviously, they had not, there seems to be no end to such creative endeavors.

Intoxicating Holy Water

In 2008, a 50 year old man was arrested near the Niagara Falls after trying to illegally enter the United States from Canada. He claimed that he had bought a few religious items. While the man was being questioned by the US Custom officers and the Border Protection officials, a Customs dog sniffed out the drug that the man was carrying. Once laboratory tests came out, it was confirmed that the man was not carrying any religious items, namely Holy Water but they were bottles filled with Ketamine, which is an extremely powerful hallucinogenic used mostly as a date rape drug.
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  • Kevanassa
    Ketamine is most commonly used as a date rape drug? Where are you getting this fact?
  • Freebie Link
    These are pretty funny, but I guess they are pretty good ideas.
  • Jo Diggs
    Wow, that is some major cool stuff dude.
  • anon
    Ketamine is not used as a date rape drug. People use it as a dissociative experience commonly referred to as K-hole. It is dangerous, but not typically used in date rape scenarios.
  • david
    Great schemes, I live in panama and cuz its near colombia, the arrests,seizings, executions are so common that we dont even care anymore. The police has seized drugs stuffed in shark carcasses, squash, melons, in chocolates, inside of vaginas, etc
  • jim
    @Kevanassa:yeah I think they are mistaken :p
  • Bob
    "Sure it was creative to smuggle drugs in a diaper, but into a federal prison? How absurd could one get?" Yeah, smuggling drugs into prison is very rare. Those are drug free zones. Nobody in prison does drugs. It s pretty absurd that anybody would try to smuggle drugs into prison.
  • nillex
    That Ketamine fact is buuuulll
  • Anonymous
    Please get your facts straight before you publish an article. Ketamine is not used for date rape. Ketamine is NOT a hallucinogen. It s a dissociative anesthetic.
  • AssKicker
    @Anonymous:Here is what wikipedia says on Date Rape Drugs:
    "Testing kits that claim to detect GHB, ketamine, and benzodiazepines such as Rohypnol in seconds are commercially available. Companies around the world are making or trying to make paper coasters or test strips that change color when dabbed with a drink doctored with a date rape drug."

    Source: Wikipedia
  • AssKicker
    @anon:Please read this article:


    This may prove you wrong.
  • AssKicker
  • John
    Katamine is a date rape drug as per the US government . http://www.womenshealth.gov/faq/date-rape-drugs.cfm
  • AssKicker
    @Kevanassa:Please read this:

    It says: GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid), ketamine and rohypnol are the most common date-rape drugs.
  • dds
    @Kevanassa:thats not what he said he sais it is mostly used for date rape. not the most
  • jim ponchetrain
    I hide cocaine in my penis
  • special K
    Ketamine may be used as a date rape drug, but to say that date rape is it s most common use is simply not true.
  • Duke Nukem
    @AssKicker:You would know.
  • bigbud
    in its 1st life ketamine was or is used as a animal trank before surgery
  • JohnLovesGovernment
    Hey John- i bet you believe all the other lies the US government spews about where your tax dollars are going, the lethal dangers of marijuana, and how there are WMDs in iraq, right? Heaven forbid you do just 5 minutes of your own research and come up with a conclusion of your own!
  • Anon
    @AssKicker:I can t believe the gov would have overlooked alcohol. It s by far the most common date rape drug.
  • Sue
    @John:By the omission of alcohol on that list, I can only assume the rest of the list would be seriously flawed and under-researched.
  • Harold
    Ketamine is a animal anesthetic. mainly for cats. people take it to get high, it is a dissociative and frankly not much fun. sure, you can use it as a date rape drug due to the fact that it makes your short term memory dissapear, but thats like saying alcohol is a date rape drug. check your facts first, morons.
  • George Bush
    @John:Good boy john. read what the government says is true, do no research of your own, and accept it as gospel. marijuana will make you go crazy and kill your dog, obama is a communist and republicans really want whats best for the country, not just to furthur their religious based do as i say not as i do bullshit. now, sit, stay, roll over you mindless fuck.
  • ddsWHA?
    @dds:Special K anyone? It is a HORSE tranquilizer... of course it can be used as a date rape drug!!
    @Bob:Having parents in the prison system, i m gonna have to call ya out on this. People do use drugs in prison. Its a pretty common problem and no matter how hard the officers try, drugs still get into prisons.
    @WRONG:I meant to say "Having parents employed in the prison system". lol
  • Paul
    What a dumb article. Ketamine isn t used for that. It s quite possibly the best drug there is.
  • jello

    lol @ ketamine as a date rape drug. Not horse tranquilizer, dude. Cat tranquilizer is its most common use. It's effects are comparable to alcohol and it's no more dangerous than alcohol. Don't believe everything you read. Especially from the US government.

  • killa

    Rofl k is not known as a date rape drug at all. You must be thinking of ruffies.

  • Eddie

    Despite government figures which try and state otherwise, the most commonly used date rape drug (by a VERY long way) is ALCOHOL. In fact, while the UK government considers drugs like GHB to be date-rape drugs there is not one confirmed case of GHB being used in a date rape in Britain. Ketamine was, and still is, used medically on both humans and animals. I had ketamine injected into my hand before I got a large wound stiched up a couple of years ago and it is commonly used in serious injuries like broken spines to keep the patient asleep for days at a time (ketamine-induced coma).

    The only problem I can see with that is for those that use ketamine recreationally, and therefore have a higher tolerance than expected by their doctor (the stitches in my hand hurt like fuck, but I couldn't say anything to the doctor because my mum was in the room...).

  • Jadams

    Yeh, that is an absolute fiction. It'd be crap as a date rape drug.

  • Kyuki Yoshida

    Wow, how did some of these people even get caught, I can understand the prison one because people try to bring drugs to the prisoners all the time, but the squid one and some others? It's kind of stupid that they say ketamine is mostly a date rape drug, it is found throughout a few different date rape drugs, but is most commonly found in animal tranquilizers  and anesthetics and a few anesthetics for humans and very rarely pain reliever pills and drugs. And it only acts as an hallucinogenic when inhaled, which you would have to boil in order to get the fumes from it in order to cause that effect. As any other method, even injecting, would not cause someone to hallucinate.

  • Jimmyboysouthernalalabama

    There are so many people on here who are either pharmacists, or experts in the field of drugs used for rape.



  • alaturka

    Wow, very stupid but also very genious. They are all in jail , I hope!

  • manofrsho

    special k is the shit

  • Throckmorton Jones

    Ketamine or Special K is a horse tranq as its intended use.

  • grease bandit

    i cant believe someone was trying to smuggle all those x pills into prison. who the hell wants to roll in prison? think of those horrible X parties. and yes sir, there is a great deal of drugs in prisons and jails. mostly just of ghetto quality and mostly hard drugs. ive seen marijuana in prison but its always the lowest quality imaginable. now as for the heroin and crack, i dunno. i never did those drugs, IN JAIL but i imagine they were really cut down considering how hard they are to get in the place. most get in via the human asshole. in the cell block i was in, it wouldve been very easy to get a hold of drugs. to be honest, it wouldve been alot easier than going out to the streets to obtain them, unless of course u know someone who does delivery.


    yeah ketamine could be used as a date rape drug in large quantities but lets not forget that alcohol is the number one date rape drug on the planet! if you combared numbers youd see that alcohol is definately the rape tool of choice by most evil sexually deprived bastards. the intoxicant doses of ketamine, where one is still conscious (sort of anyway ;) ), if anything can resist one from getting raped. ketamine can be like pcp giving the user a great deal of strength that they dont even notice they are exerting. if conflict arouses itself in the prescence of a ketamine intoxicated person, they WILL likely be able to hold their own and kick your ass hard. i wouldnt want to piss off someone in a k hole. then again it is sold for anesthesia so yea if the dose was high enough, rape could be a danger to consider. though you would have to be slipped that high of a dosage in your drink or be forcefully injected because even high recreational doses will not come close to you losing consciousnes. hell who rapes someone on K? probably someone evil and someone who is not on the drug themselves. i dont think i could even get it up on K to be honest, let alone cook up some evil scheme to take advantage of someone comfortable enough with me to get high with me and go into the hole.

    im a drug abuser of over 10 yeaRS and have never heard of anyone being raped by ketamine. now alcohol on the other hand, is a completely different story. though that's never labeled rape, usually just a "mistake." i dont like rape and would shot a rapist in the head everyday of my life if i could. wheter they're a date rapist or a serial rapist id love to put a bullet in their heads everyday of my life

  • b man

    Anybody can post/edit something on wikipedia. Which is why no teacher/professor will allow you to use it.

  • bob

    Wow people, do your research before posting claims. www.erowid.org. Don't go to Wikipedia for drug info and harm reduction.

    K can be used as a date rape drug; but it is not of the usual few: GHB, strong Benzos(Rohypnol) and Barbs, and the one guy got it 100% correct the the #1 offender is Alcohol. Pretty much anything that puts you in a boarderline coma can be used as a date rape drug...hell add Heroin and Nyquil to the list.

    K can cause mild hallucinations though you are correct anon, it is a dissacociative.

  • tinky winky
  • very funny

    People are very creative.

  • Faith

    nobody in prison does drugs?  you have never been to jail or prison have you?  Prisons are full of drugs.

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  • kings x beast
    ghb and k are fucking amazing mind opening drugs, as well as cutting thru meth so theres another positive. in areas where there is large meth use iv heard actual doctors saying they wish they could prescribe ghb to at least put the meth heads to sleep, make them eat, etc etc. to all those haters out there, you dont know what your missing so save your time i wont be reading your comments xxx
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  • zacharias
    how shud i do tat.......? (smg)
  • posigirl
    @Kyuki Yoshida:Kyuki Yoshida - sorry but you are WRONG, "And it only acts as an hallucinogenic when inhaled, which you would have to boil in order to get the fumes from it in order to cause that effect. As any other method, even injecting, would not cause someone to hallucinate." You dont boil it to inhale the fumes, you bake it in the oven, then snort the powder. And YES you CAN hallucinate from injecting it!
  • posigirl
    @Paul:I'm with you PAUL, K is f*c*ing AWESOME!!!! So is GHB, love love love em!!!
  • curious
  • curious
  • sneaky pete
    Ingenious ? Oh yeah. Prisons are full of these people with "superior intellect". If only I, they, she, he wouldn't have...........Some people insist on learning the hard way and then want to piss and whine when they realize no one does care they will be incarcerated for the next 30 years or until they die. Some "genuises" have absolutely no common sense.
  • raja
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