8 Ways To Make This Valentines Special For Him

8 Ways To Make This Valentines Special For Him

Valentines Day has been made significant over the past few years. It is a day that commemorates love in all its wonderful forms. However, be it valentine, birthdays, anniversaries, there is always that one confusion every woman has; that being, what do or to get for her man. So here we have compiled a list of things to do and get to make this valentine a very special one for the one man that who makes your world swirl.

1. Candle Light Dinner

This one is classic! Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, make a special meal for him at home. Decorate your dinning area. Set a table for two, with vanilla scented candles and enjoy a romantic dinner. Do not forget the champagne or his favorite wine!

2. Watch A Romantic Flick!

Cuddle each other on the couch, with a bag of pop corns and soda watch a romantic movie together. If you are into old classics, Gone with the Wind is a great choice, and if a little towards the modern day, Sweet November could be a good watch as well. However, there are many more to choose from, so just choose your all time favorite and enjoy the memory that you both create.

3. Post Notes

If you and your partner live together, it would be a wonderful idea to post notes everywhere that you think where he will see. For instance, the bathroom mirror which might just be the first place that he sees a lovely note. Also post it on his brief case, the fridge door, and perhaps also in the pockets of his coat. It’ll bring smiles and joy!

4. Make a Collage

Be creative! Take out all the pictures of those beautiful moments that you and he have created together, cut them up and put them in a collage form and frame it! Wrap it up and present it a bunch of flowers. He is sure going to love this one!

5. Give gifts

This one has always been a tough one for women. Giving gifts to a man is really difficult, for there is not much to choose from. However, this valentine, gift him a cologne that he has always wanted to add in his collection. You can also gift diamond cuff-links if he is the sort of man to wear them. Getting branded belts or maybe a wallet that has his name carved into it, would be a great idea!

6. Book a Vacation

For this one, get all the information on when he can take a leave from work. It would be a splendid idea to gift him with a vacation for a weekend. Booking a boat cruise or a holiday lodge in a beautiful area would be a great plan. You both would get some time off from the hustle bustle of life and create magical moments alone together.

7. Pamper Him!

Men might not like to admit it but they love pampering. If you are good at pampering yourself then nothing like it! However, making a reservation for a spa or resort trip for the two of you would be perfect. Not only will the two of you be thoroughly relaxed, but it will be so much of fun being pampered in each others’ presence. The feeling of feeling great is simply matchless!

8. Make a Collection of All of Your Memorable Songs

Making a collection of all of those songs that have created great memories for the two of you together is timeless. Every time, that he will play that list in his car, iPod or stereo at home, he’ll remember all the lovely times that you and he shared together.

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