8 Dumb Laws in Alabama You Never Knew

8 Dumb Laws in Alabama You Never Knew

Quite a long time back, we shared with you 50 Stupid Laws from 50 States. We were encouraged by the amount of appreciation and positive feedback that we got from you, so we decided to dig deeper into the dumb laws that are prevalent in all of the 50 states of America individually. We are starting a new series of articles encompassing the dumb laws effective currently in all the states of the country. We’ve come across a number of laws, some real, others contrived; and have compiled for you an authentic list of dumb and crazy laws in the state of Alabama. If you know about any other weird laws that are in effect in Alabama, do share with us in the comments section.

1 – You Are Not Allowed to Wrestle a Bear!

Why do you want to be crazy enough to fight a bear? Well for some of those crazy ones out there, they had to make it a law not to fight a bear anymore! However, Leonardo Di Caprio did manage to bag an Oscar for fighting the bear in The Revenant. He might have been penalized had the movie been shot in Alabama!


2 – You Can Marry Your Cousin in Alabama!

This law is a great news for those who have been harboring secret love in the depths of their heart as if they are taboo feelings. Well, you can certainly make true love happen with this information that you’ve got! Hey, just think about how cheap the wedding will be — there will be so much of overlap in the guests lists for you and your would-be spouse!


3 – Don’t You Dare Impersonate a Minister!

If you even attempt to impersonate a person of the clergy on Halloween or during any other festivity, you might get fined for up to $500 or incarcerated for not more than a year. Impostor ministers should stay on a perennial alert in Alabama lest they be apprehended!


4 – Maim Yourself & You’re Guilty of Felony!

We know we were all a lazy bunch but this one just takes it to an unprecedented scale! So, even if you were thinking to hack your finger off with a chainsaw to avail a paid leave from work, well, this law in place, you actually can’t. It’s way better to call in sick and fake a cold! Don’t go for something that is illegal!

Law: (please copy and paste this link in your browser’s search bar if it doesn’t open on being clicked)

5 – Divorce Your Wife & She Gets to Keep All Your Property!

This one kicks gender equality right in the nuts! A woman can keep all her pre-marriage property, whereas the man would have to share his property in-case of a divorce. Feel sorry for those men in Alabama. Men, do get your property evaluated well before you part ways!


6 – No Labor on a Sunday!

You can only perform “customary domestic duties”. The law in basic terms means: no card playing, no domino, and if you own a store, forget about opening it on a Sunday. People who violate this law can be fined between $10-$100 and can also be imprisoned in the county jail or sentenced to hard labor for up to three months. Quite spooky, eh?


7 – No Funk, No Stink!

Mobile, Alabama doesn’t want you to stink up their city so they outlawed stink balls and funk balls. So, basically you are not allowed to even throw stink bombs on your adversaries in your school or even tease your brothers and sisters with stink balls. It’s all illegal folks! Don’t know if they have anything in place for those who wear stinky perfumes, colognes, after-shaves and body sprays!


8 – No Spray String or Snap Pops Allowed

If you are someone with an appetite for a lot of parties, celebrations and festivities, here comes Mobile, Alabama to crush your high spirits and throw them down the gutter. If you are in the mood to do some fireworks or make some noise, then we are afraid, you might have to face the music yourself at the cruel hands of the law!


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