7 Things That Put Pretty Girls Off

7 Things That Put Pretty Girls Off

Pretty girls have a superfluous amount of attitude for the fact that they are — only pretty. They have higher standards than the average or not so pretty girls. For this reason there are several things that can put them off. When someone is not up to their standards, he/she is immediately blessed by a cold shoulder from their highnesses.

1. Pretty girls are sensitive

Pretty girls since being the more sensitive beings are delicate and easily put off and put down. It is next to impossible to please them. Every petty thing puts them off, while the major ones make them suicidal.

2. Gazes

They are most pissed off by the leery gazes they often get wherever they go. But it’s not fair just to blame the gazers; after all they are just appreciating the beauty created by God. Who does not like beauty?

3. Like to be noticed

Apparently they huff and puff when stared, but somewhere deep down in their heart they heave a sigh of satisfaction that they still stand the second-glance test. So, it is even more tormenting if their beauty goes unnoticed and they resort to the nearest mirror if not the parlor for their denting and painting.

4. Gummy Smile

Even more irksome is the gummy smile that follows after a successful one on one eye contact. The ones with guts, who move further ahead by becoming vocal and expressing their delight by a “Mashallah” (praising the beauty) are loathed the most by these pretty Queens.

5. Exhibitionist Guys

Specifically talking about guys, there is a limitless list that puts girls off. Super-tight clothes showing off muscles, body odor and bad breath are just unbearable! Guys showing bravado and counterfeiting courtesy to pretty girls clearly have the ulterior motive of “wanna-frandhip” behind every such act and pretty girls don’t like to be fooled. Grrr!

6. Dont make them wait

Pretty girls don’t like to wait. Wait for anything or anyone. If their patience is put to test, which usually they don’t have, they just don’t give the test…well they never give a chance to be tested as they zoom by in their car or walk away in their stilettos. After all they need to show their lofty attitude some how. So, waiting is just not their style.

7. Improper Fashion

Even the girls who do not follow the latest fads are looked down upon by them. They are unable to comprehend the reason why can not girls wear matching accessories and clothes, wear proper make up or can not even carry them selves well!

To sign off, watch out brave knights!!! It’s ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ (the beautiful woman without mercy).

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