These 6 Dumb Laws in Maryland will Leave You Scratching Your Head

These 6 Dumb Laws in Maryland will Leave You Scratching Your Head

You may think that they are silly! You may go mad wondering who the heck would have constituted laws dumb such as the ones in Louisiana! Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous and dumb laws in Maryland that will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

1 – No Lions to the Cinemas, Folks!

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him! Well, that’s probably why they don’t let you take lions to movies! Quite judicious, eh?


2 – You can’t Hurl Missiles at Public Parks!

If ever you were planning to torpedo public parks in Cumberland, Maryland, you better drop your innovative idea and resort to something more traditional. No, even something as ancient as stones won’t do! So, never try this activity or else you’ll be caught napping!


3 – No Swearing in Parks!

If swearing is immature, why is it called adult language?


4 – No Swimming in Public Fountains!

Many swimmers ask, “What is the secret to success?” We can tell you what it is! When you feel like you can’t swim any faster, hold your breath any longer or kick any harder, you must keep going! Greatness is only milliseconds away! You must maintain a 100% effort for the entire race. That’s the secret to success! Hey, but don’t try this in public fountains in Rockville!


5 – No Writing on the Walls!

The internet is a lot like ancient Egypt! People write on the walls and worship cats! Hold on! Just write on Facebook walls! Refrain from writing on the walls in Rockville, else, sounds trouble!


6 – You aren’t Allowed to Swear on Highways!

Hey, here’s a fun fact: People who use a lot of swear words tend to be more honest and trustworthy, human behavioral studies suggest! Remember: if everyone is passing you on the right, you are probably driving too slow for that lane!


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