6 Dumb Laws in Iowa that are Absolutely Crazy

6 Dumb Laws in Iowa that are Absolutely Crazy

Also referred to as the Hawkeye State, Iowa is one of the leading farming states in the United States. Similar to Maryland, Iowa has myriad stupid, silly and absolutely dumb laws that are still part of the state’s law books. Here are the craziest ones!

1 – Don’t Get a Sunburn by a Tanning Bed!

All you people looking out for tanning bed facilities, what if we told you that there was a giant ball in the sky under which you could tan absolutely for free!


2 – Clergy Need a Permit to Transport Booze!

We hope you haven’t come across a minister who keeps on wondering for half of the day if it’s too late for coffee; the other half, if it’s too early for liquor! Clergy need to be on guard in Iowa as they ought to obtain a permit if they are to carry liquor across state borders!


3 – Doctors Must Report a Gonorrhea Occurrence to the Local Board!

What if we told you half the doctors were guessing! Well, the difference is that doctors go to medical college while your mom goes to Google! So, who you gonna trust?


4 – No Beer Ads Outside Liquor Stores!

Do you ever think to yourself whether you need a beer? Hey remember, there’s a supervolcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of North America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half of the world’s population! Hell, yeah you want a beer! Well, we weren’t able to find any authentic reference to this law. But it certainly would have been in place some time back!

5 – No Fortune Telling Allowed in Cedar Rapids!

We aren’t sure when and how this law was enforced in Cedar Rapids and what is its current status. But one thing is for certain: as long as this law would have been enforced, it would have spelled doom for the fortune tellers!

6 – Do not Pick a Flower from a City Park!

Hey, no picking up a flower from a city park in Mount Vernon or else you could have the law enforcement agencies moving against you!

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