These 5 Dumb Laws in Massachusetts Are Simply Hilarious

These 5 Dumb Laws in Massachusetts Are Simply Hilarious

From Kentucky, our next stop in our voyage of discovery on weird and dumb laws in Massachusetts. Like the rest of the country, Massachusetts has not been far behind in framing some really ridiculous laws. Let’s have a look at them!

1 – Illegal to Sell an Alcoholic Candy

Are you an Alcoholic or would you like to be called as a Drinking Enthusiast? Anyways, if you do try to sell a candy containing more than one percent liquor, you are in for some serious trouble in Massachusetts!


2 – Beer not Allowed for Patients in Hospitals!

Well, if no beer is to be served up to the patients in hospitals, we wonder, how would they celebrate!


3 – Humans Shouldn’t be Targeted at Shooting Ranges!

Hey, if you want to practice some shooting, better get non-human targets in place at the shooting range! Don’t even try to target an apple or a bottle of wine place on a human’s head!


4 – No Peanuts in Churches!

The people in the assemblies probably wanted locals to concentrate more on connecting with God than eating peanuts! What the hell do you go to the church for?

5 – You Can’t Take a Bath on on Sundays!

Hey, no one should be taking a bath on Sundays! That can have the law enforcement agencies move against you!

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