5 Dumb Laws in Alaska that will Make Your Jaws Drop

5 Dumb Laws in Alaska that will Make Your Jaws Drop

We’ve already done a piece on the Dumb Laws in Alabama and now it’s time to move onto our next state which is Alaska. Alaska is a beautiful state of the United States of America that boasts an insanely cold temperature and offers scintillating and stunning natural sceneries that will blow your minds away. Much like the other states of this great country, Alaska also has a number of dumb laws that will make you start pulling your hair and scratching your head. We hope you’ll have as much fun reading these laws as we had compiling them. Remember that these laws are absolutely authentic and are effective currently. These are not, by any means, unreal! Happy reading!

1 – No Dog on the Car Roof!

You must be wondering who in the world would ever try something as insane as that? Well, let us tell you: it’s Mitt Romney, the Presidential Candidate in 2012! The Romney family at the start of their family summer vacation, a quarter century ago, had their Irish setter ride on the roof of their station wagon for 12 hours straight and the poor fellow fell sick afterwards! Dog’s aren’t luggage t-shirts! Had they done that in Alaska, they would have been penalized!


2 – You Can’t Tie a String Across the Road!

For all you would-be pranksters out there, these shenanigans can land you in serious trouble!


3 – You’re Not to Ride a House Trailer When It is on the Move!

Get the hell out of your house trailer along with your pillow and pajamas as the trailer moves through public streets, else you’ll be apprehended!


4 – Don’t Think of Driving a Car with Snow on the Windshield!

If you have an accumulation of snow, ice or frost upon the front windshield, side wings, or side or rear windows, you are not going to get away! You better have the snow wiped off from every nook and corner of your vehicle to ensure that it doesn’t slither down to disrupt your driving view!


5 – No Flamingos Allowed in a Barber’s Shop!

If you were thinking to bring your pet flamingo in a hairdresser’s shop, then you need to be on guard! Doing so could move the law against you! But there’s a question! What will the flamingos do whenever they need the haircut? Now, we’ll have flamingos with long hair roaming all over the town with their mamas going berserk on them for not getting their hair cut!


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