25 Ridiculous Lady Gaga Costumes

25 Ridiculous Lady Gaga Costumes

We can always count on Lady Gaga to wear something outrageous when she does just about anything. In fact, by the time this year ends, we are pretty certain that she already has worn costumes more outrageous than the ones listed here. I'm not complaining because it's entertaining to watch paparazzi photos of her. My one question is “how does she get in and out of buildings with the kinds of headdresses she wears?” Anyone knows? 

1. Bubbly


My hands itch to prick those bubbles.

2. Holy


She got the pose down pat, too. Impressive.

3. Proper


Dress up like some sort of a superhero. This is the definition of proper for Lady Gaga.

4. Sidewalk Tea Party

Sidewalk Tea Party

Next thing we know, she'll be washing dishes while shopping.

5. Frog Attack

Frog Attack

Those froggies love her too much.

6. Eaten by Lace

Eaten by Lace

So skilled she can speak with lace covering her face.

7. Disney Villain

Disney Villain

She has a magic wand and will annihilate all cute things known to man in 3…2.. 

8. Button Head

Button Head

Without the ridiculous button, she actually looks lovely and hot.

9. Skeletal


Silly costume aside, she looks fit, doesn't she?

10. Upstaging Princess Leia

Upstaging Princess Leia

Embroidery hoops in the red carpet. How craftily ridiculous.

11. Nude


Marge Simpson wants to know why you're stealing her style.

12. Life is Plastic

Life is Plastic

How can she sit or move with a plastic dress?

13. Spring Ready

Spring Ready

Invaded the world of the Care Bears and came out looking like this. 

14. Lace Fetish

Lace Fetish

She wrapped herself in curtains and dived into a tub of powder.

15. The Queen of the Universe

The Queen of the Universe

While other celebrities bring clutches to red carpet events, Lady Gaga brings a star.

16. Hairy


This would have looked fairly okay without those creepy hair hanging things she's holding.

17. Three-Layer Cake

Three-Layer Cake

So did she sit all day with her arms raised like that? Must have annoyed those beside her.

18. Lobster Head

Lobster Head

In Lady Gaga's head, anything can be a hat.

19. Spakly


How can she stay erect with those shoes? 

20. Lace Fetish Part II

Lace Fetish Part II

Endorsing a lipstick so she covered everything except her lips.

21. Powder Fetish

Powder Fetish

This time, she dove into a tub of glue, then into a tub of powder with beads.

22. Art Fan

Art Fan

At least we have her to thank for keeping the powder industry alive. 

23. No Question it is Gaga

No Question it is Gaga

Who else would attend a press conference looking like she's ready to whip you into submission?


Why does she think that just about any place is a stage? 

25. Feathered Tree

Feathered Tree

One day, she decided to grow a tree. Made of feathers.

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