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25 Ridiculous Handmade Things Sold Online

25 Ridiculous Handmade Things Sold Online

In case you have not heard, we are in the middle of a craft revolution. This revolution may not be as big as the Arts and Crafts movement centuries ago but yeah, we are in it. So you will notice many people peddling their handmade goods just about wherever you look, the world wide web included. Some of these goods are incredibly good that they obviously trump mass-produced items. Others, however, are so ridiculous that only a person of discerning taste (or not) will stand to shell out his or her hard-earned money to buy them.

1. Cannibal Chick

Cannibal Chick

Now this is just mean.

2. Crab Mermaid

Crab Mermaid

Even the mermaid is confused.

3. Adult Toy Cozy

Adult Toy Cozy

It is essential that you keep your toy warm. Not THAT toy soldier.

4. Metamophosis


Has a new definition. It now means wrap a doll with anything your hand can reach.

5. Assemblage Doll

Assemblage Doll

She sure will make sleeping time interesting.

6. Golden Poo

Golden Poo

Now this makes me wish we do poo gold!

7. Alice in Wonderland Necklace

Alice in Wonderland Necklace

What does it say? The colors remind you of something, right?

8. Slip-Skirt-Top-ANYTHING


This is SO couture.

9. Fish + Squirrel

Fish + Squirrel

From the same seller who brought you the Cannibal Chick.

10. Fetus Catnip Toy

Fetus Catnip Toy

Imagine your cat all drugged up and playing with a fetus-shaped toy. THAT IS JUST WRONG.

11. Kitten Head on Amputee Painting

Kitten Head on Amputee Painting

Apparently, this painting is deep and like, you know, full of symbolism and stuff.

12. Eggwyn Pendant

Eggwyn Pendant

Yes, Iíd LOVE to have that hanging around my neck. It glows in the dark, too! What joy.

13. Taxidermy Earrings

Taxidermy Earrings

These are so chic! NOT.

14. Zombie Finger Necklace

Zombie Finger Necklace

Now if the color were different, this would have been okay.

15. Soft Hairy Ball

Soft Hairy Ball

What on Earth is this supposed to be?

16. Orange Peel Earrings

Orange Peel Earrings

I have no words.

17. New Moon Wire Earrings

New Moon Wire Earrings

Even handmade artists are banking on the fame of Twilight. It would be okay if they end up making nice enough things, though.

18. Frenzy Necklace

Frenzy Necklace

This reminds of this photo I saw comparing a designer runway look to the "style"Ě of a homeless man in Japan. Very hobo chic.

19. Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece

I donít know…this looks like something you wash your dishes with. I feel itchy just looking at it.

20. Skants


If this becomes fashionable, I will move to another planet.

21. Vintage Crazy Cat

Vintage Crazy Cat

One manís trash is another manís creative outlet.

22. Wood Wand

Wood Wand

I donít know about you but where I come from, this is a stick.

23. Flying Heart Taxidermy

Flying Heart Taxidermy

Would you want this on your wall?

24. Skeleton Cigarette Pack

Skeleton Cigarette Pack

5 year old buy can make a box and Sharpie creation that looks better.

25. Tie Dye Silk Scarf

Tie Dye Silk Scarf

Someone was sick, perhaps?

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