25 Ridiculous Car Paint Jobs

25 Ridiculous Car Paint Jobs


What is it with cars and man's need to defile it with paint or vinyl? Is it the need to be unique? I don't think one will want to be purposely tacky  but that is how most paint jobs go. You will realize from this list that if you ever want to change the appearance of your car, do not go the DIY route. Go to a professional. One who has taste, most importantly.

1. Mini Trip

Mini Trip

Oh, that poor Mini!

2. Nature Tank

Nature Tank

Camouflage is everything. Even in the Arctic.

3. He Does Something with the Panties

He Does Something with the Panties

Because the license plate was not enough, he had to  go and have “panty dropper” painted.

4. Sharp


DIY car painting FTW!

5. Artmobile


I don't care if it's well-executed, I'm not driving a turtle bug.

6. What Is This?

What Is This?

Is this supposed to be cute?

7. Wallpaper


Reminds you of your crazy Aunt's guest bedroom, doesn't it?

8. Internal Organs?

Internal Organs?

This is the stuff that low-budget horror movies are made of.

9. There’s a War Out There

There’s a War Out There

I don't know what's sadder, the paint job or the cannon.

10. Designer Car

Designer Car

This is so tacky, I don't even know what to say.

11. Happy Car

Happy Car

Does this put you in a good mood or what?

12. Overload


This poor bug has too much paint and accessories. I don't think it can carry itself.

13. Blue Got No Clue

Blue Got No Clue

Do you have a clue that your car is ugly?

14. The Force

The Force

The Force is strong in this van.

15. Splatter


Driver, I think you just hit a huge animal.

16. Loyal Fan

Loyal Fan

It wasn't enough that he had to do a paint job showing his loyalty to a certain school, he also had to show loyalty to just about any establishment that gives away stickers.

17. Neck Face

Neck Face

That is one rude and nasty van.

18. Centaur Truck

Centaur Truck

I'm sorry but any vehicle with a centaur painted on it is just not right in my book.

19. Evolution of Taste

Evolution of Taste

Unique? Yes. Smart? Perhaps. But it looks like someone drew stuff on your car so that's not okay.

20. Taste


This car has none. 

21. Pick Up Religion

Pick Up Religion

I'm guessing Jesus is not very happy with Charlie the Unicorn over there.

22. How to Win the War

How to Win the War

Kill the enemies with an overload of cute. 

23. Bombs Away

Bombs Away

So it has a green man holding some sort of explosive. He looks like he's about to blow up that van. Or you because you're looking at him in a funny way.

24. Somewhere, Darth Vader is Laughing

Somewhere, Darth Vader is Laughing

Oh look how amazingly executed this is! And with aliens, too! 

25. Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts

Owner could not spring for a full body zebra paint so he opted for a zebra on the door. Brilliant.

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