25 Regrettable Tattoo Spelling Mistakes

25 Regrettable Tattoo Spelling Mistakes

People get inked for many reasons. Anyone who walks into a tatttoo parlor (or your friend's makeshift parlor in the corner of his basement) and asks for a tattoo knows that these things are pretty much permanent. Anyone foolish enough not to spell-check can end up with their own tattoo misspelling misadventure. 

1. Jugement Day

Jugement Day

God and your grammar teacher.

2. Your Beautiful

Your Beautiful

Could have been sweet.

3. Beautiful Tradgedy

Beautiful Tradgedy

More like permanent tragedy.

4. Trust


I'm guessing Noone is a person.

5. Possessive


You're mine, F in Grammar.

6. Reprezent


This actually led to legal cases. And more misspellings.

7. Tragedy


Yes, truly, truly tragic.

8. Permanent Regret

Permanent Regret

Hayden Panettiere’s tattoo should read “To Live Without Regrets” in Italian but her “rimpianti” got an extra “i”.

9. Abe


That guy Abraham should have spell-checked.

10. Up Yours, System

Up Yours, System

A message to the system that enforces proper spelling instruction in schools.

11. Tomarrow! Tomarrow!

Tomarrow! Tomarrow!

You know, Tomarrow could be a lady's name.

12. Sweet & Golden

Sweet & Golden

I don't want to know how she found out that it's sweet.

13. Tomarrow Part II

Tomarrow Part II

This guy is not that much fond of our girl Tomarrow. 

14. Truth


I wonder just how tough this guy here is.

15. You!


Are you scared, Spelling Police? 

16. Another Truth

Another Truth

I'm pretty happy with the cards I've been “delt” with, how about you? 

17. Bleeding


The bloody drip effect is tacky and then you get to the “your” part. 

18. Daddies Girl

Daddies Girl

Just how many dad does this girl have? 

19. Direction


You almost miss the misspelling because of that horrendous type.

20. Strength


You'll need it, alright. Your tattoo artist, too, if you plan on doing something to him. 

21. True Beauty

True Beauty

I am guessing the boundaries go beyond permanent mistakes.

22. Permanence


No, silly. IT IS.

23. Awsome


Yes, you are. Yes. You. Are. 

24. Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

Very true and very permanent. 

25. Gansgta Life

Gansgta Life

Too busy being cool to listen in class. 

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