25 Racist Notices

25 Racist Notices

Call it insensitivity or loving their freedom of speech too much, but there are some people who never shy away from toting around signs that may be considered racist. Then there are people who are probably clueless that the sign that they have put up for everyone to read might hurt others or may be funnily misconstrued as racist. Either way, these signs are signs that there are rare times that intolerance can be funny but it should always be taken seriously.

1. Dear Asians

Dear Asians

How the people who made this did not see this even remotely racist is beyond me.

Edited: This one was photoshopped.

2. Subway Racism

Subway Racism

The model seems amused, for some reason. Laughing at all our ignorance, perhaps?

3. The Old Watermelon Story

The Old Watermelon Story

They could say they don't know why it's racist but they still should not have depicted a girl without pupils.

4. Follow the Directions

Follow the Directions

The items at the museums, funny enough, are under lock and key.

5. Gas for Niggaz

Gas for Niggaz

This gas station is surely asking for a violent end. Perhaps involving their very own gas.


When it's put in such a cheerful way, you almost forget it's not right.

7. White Rules

White Rules

White is coming and she looks like she will do bad things to the black girl. Well-played, Sony. 

8. No Blacks Allowed?

No Blacks Allowed?

The most effective way to dileanate where people should live.

9. Racists Welcome

Racists Welcome

Only those who are intolerant are welcome at Racist Park.

10. Heartbreaking


When good intention and ignorant execution meets.

11. Overkill


Was the turban really necessary? Some people truly are asking for it.

12. Athlete Shortage

Athlete Shortage

Some people will find this funny while others take offense. Either way, it's tasteless.

13. Tried to Write Straight

Tried to Write Straight

Dear Establishment Owner, No need to put apostrophe before the S.  And this is the 21st Century. Thank you very much.

14. Racist and Proud

Racist and Proud

You don't have to point. We can see the sign and your ignorance clearly.

15. Tanned Immigrants

Tanned Immigrants

Apparently, immigrants now cross the border in the skimpiest of bikinis.


I say we impeach this hypocrite.

17. African-American Yams

African-American Yams

Sure that's what they're called but shouldn't we come up with a better name?

18. Call the Mobile Number

Call the Mobile Number

Kindly tell the owner of this place that this type of business has been prohibit for more than a century.

19. Word Up Wrong Words

Word Up Wrong Words

All right, we will keep our our foreigner and English-speaking selves out of this establishment.

20. Where the Hippest Shops

Where the Hippest Shops

How to establish that you sell hip-hop goods. Step 1. Name your store after a random line of a hiphop song.

21. Proof


It's crazy the things people will resort to in order to show their dislike of a certain person. 

22. Long Tradition

Long Tradition

Shaping intolerance since 1866.

23. Beach Segregation

Beach Segregation

Well who needs that section, anyway? They have crappy waves, as you can see.

24. Attention


Because neon lights just makes everything more fun and less racist.

25. Racist Dictionary

Racist Dictionary

One derogatory word was not enough so they had to add another.

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