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25 Most Ingenious Solar Powered Devices

25 Most Ingenious Solar Powered Devices

Here are 25 ingenious, weird and sometimes crazy creations from the solar energy bandwagon.

1. Sundew Flower Fly Trap

Sundew Flower Fly Trap

The Sundew flower fly trap by Min-Kyu Choi helps to kill insects by using an ultraviolet flower to lure them towards the jaws of a carnivorous plant.

2. USB Bikini

USB Bikini

This photo-voltaic bikini produces a total of 5 volts of charge, enough to keep your iPod shuffle running for a day at the beach.

3. Solar Powered Retina Implants

Solar Powered Retina Implants

Researchers from Stanford have invented a 3mm wide and 30 micrometers thick implant which can be used to power eyes for people who have progressive loss of photoreceptor cells on retina. It is implanted behind the retina and is a component part of a system that features a video camera, a pocket PC, used to process the images captured by the camera, and a bright near-infrared LCD display incorporated into video spectacles.

4. AutoVent SPV

AutoVent SPV

AutoVent SPV is a unique solar powered ventilator that draws hot air and odors, including pet and tobacco odors, out of the vehicle and replaces it with fresh air from outside.

5. Mobile Wii Station

Mobile Wii Station

This mobile Wii station, complete with an HD monitor, was built by Tom's hardware guide.

6. Solar Powered Plant Pot

Solar Powered Plant Pot

The solar powered plant pot not only looks cool, it also eliminates the need for walkway lights in the garden.

7. Solar Mini Clip Fan

Solar Mini Clip Fan

The clip-on mini fan is a handy companion on a hot day.

8. Visio Radio

Visio Radio

The Solar Powered Visor Radio comes with built-in power speakers and antenna.

9. Godisa Hearing Aid

Godisa Hearing Aid

Created in Botswana by Godisa Technologies, this device not only is environmentally friendly but has a humanitarian edge to it. Although the $100 price tag might be too much for the third world.

10. Zeers Solarboat

Zeers Solarboat

This sleek solar-powered speedboat is about 10 meter (30 feet) long and can reach 30 knots or 55km/h.

11. Scott Solar SeV Jacket

Scott Solar SeV Jacket

In addition to a whopping 30 concealed pockets, the Scott Solar SeV Jacket comes with flexible back panels to charge all your devices on the go.

12. Solar Charger Key Ring

Solar Charger Key Ring

The Solar Charger Key Ring includes a wide range of adapters and can give your mobile phone around 15-25 minutes of use time.

13. Hanging Basket Rotator

Hanging Basket Rotator

This hanging rotator spins the basket so that your plants get their fair share of the sunlight.

14. Eco Friendly Mobile Coolers

Eco Friendly Mobile Coolers

These camel mounted mobile coolers are being tested for transportation of medical supplies to remote areas.

15. Talking Bible

Talking Bible

At the push of a button, the solar powered Bible gives you an eco-friendly dose of religion.

16. Bike Helmet

Bike Helmet

Built by calebjc from, the solar panel on the top powers the LEDs for night riders.

17. Floatron Pool Purifier

Floatron Pool Purifier

The Solar Powered Pool Purifier floats in your pool as it treats it with mineral ions that purify the pool to the extent of making the pool water meet the EPA established drinking water standards!

18. Neiko Welding Helmet

Neiko Welding Helmet

The solar powered welding helmet by Neiko features an auto-darkening lens which responds in 1/25000 seconds and 8 shades that can be switched continuously.

19. Soladey-3 Ionic Toothbrush

Soladey 3 Ionic Toothbrush

The Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush from Japan apparently busts plaque with electrons that work with saliva to remove it from your teeth. A solar panel attached to the handle absorbs electrons from light and transmits them to your teeth through ionized water and a titanium oxide semiconductor in the upper shaft of the toothbrush.

20. Solarpanel Tie

Solarpanel Tie

With solar panels at front and a pocket for your cellphone at the back, this futuristic tie makes sure your batteries are never empty.

21. Bird-B-Gone

Bird B Gone

Got a bird problem? The Solar Powered Bird-B-Gone Bird Repeller will do some helicopter action and scare them away.

22. Wunda Weeder

Wunda Weeder

Weed out your garden in a comfortable position while the solar powered Wunda Weeder creeps along.

23. Solar-Breeze Pool Skimmer

Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer

This debris collector uses two long, thin solar panel arrays to keep moving.

24. Solar Camera Strap

Solar Camera Strap

The solar camera strap by designed Weng Ji keeps you powered for those long days out on the field.

25. Neuber Solarbag

Neuber Solarbag

The solar powered sun-bag by German manufacturer Neuber weighs in at 500 g and charges most popular cellphones and mp3 players.

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