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25 Funny Graffiti

25 Funny Graffiti

People do graffiti for many reasons. Art, fame, notoriety, boredom, a need to defy authority, or anger issues. Whatever the reason may be, there are graffiti artists out there who spray paint walls with the spirit of witticism and just plain LOL-tastic opportunities. They sure make commutes and walks more interesting.

1. Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer

Please tell me where I can find this bacon dispenser. Thank you.

2. Time Machine

Time Machine

I'd ride that.

3. Graffiti removal hotline

Graffiti removal hotline

So much for public service.

4. Nothing to say

Nothing to say

Writer's block can suck sometimes.

5. Warning


Whoa look at the pains he or she went through to erase that name!

6. Picnic Area

Picnic Area

No, thank you. I think I'll go to the park instead.

7. Pregnant


So that is how kids do it these days? No texting or calling? Graffiti is the new avenue for serious relationship issues.

8. Katrina


She really was, wasn't she? 

9. Grammar Police

Grammar Police

Some people think that “thru” can never replace the more proper “through.”


Makes sense, right?

11. Hamlet


That is the question.

12. Hammertime


Must love a graffiti that makes you want to dance. 

13. Riot help

Riot help

Well, this is helpful. Must remember to carry a sledgehammer all the time.

14. Jedi Only

Jedi Only

your lightsaber or find another stall.

15. Pipe


I'm just as stumped. Anyone got a good idea what this pipe is for?

16. God is Good

God is Good

Let's hope he brought the strawberry-filled ones I really like.

17. Stop Bush

Stop Bush

Well, somebody has to.

18. Door? Window?

Door? Window?

And then what?

19. Police


Uh oh.

20. Lies


Breaking news brought to you by concerned taggers. 

21. Bike


Those poor fairies. May petty criminals have heart.

22. Not A Photo Shoot Opportunity

Not A Photo Shoot Opportunity

I LOLed because I'm guilty. 

23. White Wall

White Wall

Those graffiti artists sure love to challenge authority. 

24. Camera


Ha! So much for security.

25. Poor Bill

Poor Bill

I wonder what his crime was. 

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