25 Epic Exam Art

25 Epic Exam Art

For most of us, examination halls are torture chambers. Once the document of doom that hath no answer is revealed, we all like to make a quick escape. But some rare specimens find the oppressive pressure-cooker environment to be a creative tonic and stick around till they are forcibly deprived of the canvas.  Here are 25 masterpieces from these brilliant artisans.

1. Long Dong Silver

Long Dong Silver

2. Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness

3. Teacher Win

Teacher Win

4. Sketched Threat

Sketched Threat

5. Sedina Landscape

Sedina Landscape

6. DJ Physix

DJ Physix

7. Capitalist Horror

Capitalist Horror

8. Screw Science

Screw Science

9. This is SPAAARTAAA!!!


10. Best Teacher Ever

Best Teacher Ever

11. Epic Flamethrower

Epic Flamethrower

12. Psychopathic Potential

Psychopathic Potential

13. Abe Lincoln/Chuck Norris Hybrid

Abe Lincoln Chuck Norris Hybrid

14. Masterpiece!!!


15. Cheerleader fail

Cheerleader fail

16. Blackmail


17. Whale Saves the Day

Whale Saves the Day

18. Game Over

Game Over

19. The Gland Monster

The Gland Monster

21. Beer-Man Law

Beer Man Law

22. Integrating Batman

Integrating Batman

23. I Like!

I Like

24. Pantera Cervix

Pantera Cervix

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