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25 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids to Make them Burst into Giggles

25 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids to Make them Burst into Giggles

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
“Mickey Mouse.”
“Mickey Mouse who?”
“Mickey Mouse’s underwear.”

Some say Knock Knock Jokes always work with kids and are perhaps the perfect starting point for telling jokes. While according to the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, the history of Knock Knock jokes goes way back to the late 1920s, this form of humor has been popular among the Americans ever since, for its repetitive setup and pun-centered punchlines. Despite losing popularity due to scathing attacks by critics, Knock Knock jokes have survived the brutal tests of time and have managed to endure!

We”ve already done an article titled “10 Funniest Knock Knock Jokesand it has received widespread acclamation. So, it’s time to bring to you some of the funniest and enthralling knock knock jokes that will send each kid into breath-stealing, side-splitting fit of giggles. So, just sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and have some wholesome family fun, y’all!

1 – Santa’s Here

Santa's Here

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go! We all know who comes down through the chimneys with lots of toys and chuckles! So, if you are trying to impersonate Santa Claus, you better get it right or else the joke is on you!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Ho-ho who?
You know, your Santa impression could use a little work.

2 – I’m Not a Control Freak

I'm Not a Control Freak

There are people who are totally flexible, as long as everything is exactly the way they want! So, do you consider yourself a control freak or a control enthusiast?

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Control Freak.
Okay, now you say, Control Freak who?

3- Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold! Brace yourself, for the winter is coming folks!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Scold who?
Scold outside let me in!

4 – Iva, Your Friend? or Sore Hand?

Iva, Your Friend? or Sore Hand?

Iva is usually a female name in a number of languages. If you have one of your friends named Iva, she can end up being on the receiving end with this joke!

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Iva who?
I’ve a sore hand from knocking

5 – Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen

The eggs are cheaper by the dozen? So, what’s the price? If you also struggle distinguishing dozen from doesn’t, this one might be for you!

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Dozen who?
Dozen anybody want to let me in?

6 – Robin Hood the Piggy Bank Robber

Robin Hood the Piggy Bank Robber

Have you ever wondered if Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor, wouldn’t the rich become poor and the poor become rich? Don’t know if Robin Hood ever thought of robbing the children’s piggy bank though!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Robin who
Robin the piggy bank again

7 – Isabelle, the Hurricane?

Isabelle, the Hurricane?

Are we talking about Isabelle, the Hurricane? Nah, not really! Isabelle sounds very similar to “is the bell” if you can say it fast enough. Go on, you can try!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”

“Isabelle who?”
“Isabelle working, or should I keep “ing?”

8 – Mikey, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Mikey, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

If you have been a die-hard fan of the famous television, film, comic and toy franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then you should be quite familiar with the fact that many a internet wars have erupted over the origin of turtles whether they are mutants or from some alien race from across the galaxy! Anyways let’s get back to our main character who is the inspiration behind this joke; Michaelangelo, whose nick was Mikey in the series! Perhaps, you can try this joke out with any of your friends named Mikey!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Mikey who
Mikey doesn’t fit in the keyhole

9 – Beware If You Sneeze All the Time!

Beware If You Sneeze All the Time!

The winter season has arrived and so has the much dreaded sneezing! You know the sound of sneeze, don’t you? It’s very similar to kirtch who. So, when someone is sneezing around you, it probably is the perfect time to make this joke count!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Kirtch who
God bless you

10 – Do You have a Twin?

Do You have a Twin?

Luke and look sound like twin brothers. Why don’t you try it out with this hilarious joke?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Luke who
Luke through the keyhole to see

11 – Did You Ketchup with Your Friend?

Did You Ketchup with Your Friend?

Did you ever wonder if tomato is a fruit that ketchup should be termed as a smoothie! Ain’t it? We hope you do not have the habit of squirting ketchup all over your fries instead of dipping them in it! If you are one of them, let’s Ketchup! Shall we?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Ketchup who?
Ketchup with me and I’ll tell you!

12 – Old Mac Donald Had a Farm!

Old Mac Donald Had a Farm!

Party till the cows come home! Moooooooo

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Cows who?
Cows go ‘moo’ not who

13 – A Humble Thanks to All who Helped!

A Humble Thanks to All who Helped!

These days many of the graduates are like this awesome guy who paid homage to all who were of great help during his degree program, I want to thank Google, Wikipedia and whoever the hell invented copy and paste! Thank you!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Tank who?
You’re welcome!

14 – Police, let me go!

Police, let me go!

Your dad is driving your family to a family vacation on the highway and is pulled over by police saying, I pulled you over because you were displaying suspicious behavior! You were going the speed limit!. And your dad is like, Police, let me go!.

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Police who
Police hurry up, it’s chilly outside!

15 – Arfur Got!


Do you remember Arfur the Doogan from Super Mario? Arfur seems to be one of the more honorable thieves of Rogueport. During the game, he shows ambitions to escape his poor life with earnest and hard work. With so much of history behind his name, we hope you won’t end up saying “Arfur got!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Arfur who?
Arfur got!

16 – I am Awesome!

I am Awesome!

When I am sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead! Now you would know who I am!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
I am
I am who?
You mean you don’t know who you are?

17- A Screaming Owl

A Screaming Owl

What if owls are not Hoo Hooing but they are screaming because they are afraid of heights? Think about it!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Who who
Is there an owl in here!

18 – Car Goes Beep?

Car Goes Beep?

Oh, you wear cargo shorts? You must have a lot of important things to carry! or does the car-go beep beep? Decide for yourself!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Cargo who?
Car go “Beep beep”

19 – Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle?

Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle?

Is it the Dewey from the famous sitcom Malcolm in the Middle who wanted a pizza, then a sundae and then wanted a pizza sundae?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Dewey who?
Dewey have to keep telling silly jokes!

20 – Broccoli


I’m like, Broccoli! Mother says you’re very good for me. Well! I’m afraid I’m no good for you!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Broccoli who?
Broccoli doesn’t have a last name, silly!

21 – Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Are you someone who judges people based on spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Spell who?

22 – Awaiting the Donut Fairy!

Awaiting the Donut Fairy!

Well, is a donut fairy too much to ask for?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Doughnut Who?
Doughnut ask, it’s a secret!

23 – Elmo Loves You!

Elmo Loves You!

Every kid grows up watching Sesame Street, so if anyone asks Elmo Who? That would be a bit of a shocker! As Elmo would say, Elmo loves you!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Elmo who?
You don’t know who Elmo is?

24 – Baboon or Congress?

Baboon or Congress?

Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a Congress?

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Bab who?
Bab Boone is a real ape!

25 – Duck


Is Donald Trump, the US President Elect, really ruining Donald Duck’s fan base? He’ll have to learn how to duck those barbs coming his way!

“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
Duck who?
Just duck! They’re throwing things at us!

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