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25 Funny Wedding Photos

25 Funny Wedding Photos

Your wedding day. The most beautiful day of your life. Well, supposedly. Thankfully, almost all couples are too nervous, happy, or focused on each other to notice the many funny things that can happen in their wedding day. When the photos come back (or uploaded), real fun begins.

1. Zzzz


An indication of things to come?

2. I Dressed the Bride

I Dressed the Bride

Wouldn’t you feel weird knowing that you got your wedding dress from that creature witnessing your wedding?

3. Hands Are Busy

Hands Are Busy

Nerves may make her cut her pits, you know.

4. The Next Blushing Bride

The Next Blushing Bride

That is one impressive layup.

5. Gimme!


It’s just mean to make the bride cry.

6. Come Here!

Come Here!

A wedding is only for those who are willing. Or can’t hold on to the railings.

7. Wedding Party Issues

Wedding Party Issues

The problem is the pug is heavier than the little girl.

8. Too Looooong

Too Looooong

“When do we get to the part where we boogie?”

9. 3D Wedding

3D Wedding

At  least she’s not wearing some tiara or headdress that can annoy those behind her.

10. Yawn


I feel you, little girl. Weddings can be a drag.

11. Dreaming Away

Dreaming Away

The little girl in previous photo should have sneaked out of the ceremony with this little guy.

12. Newlyweds from the Underworld

Newlyweds from the Underworld

I don’t get this, really. If I were the bride, I’d choose to be conventionally beautiful on my wedding day.

13. Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble

Good thinking. These guys know that weddings can be quite a battlefield.

14. Pooped


This is probably what the newlyweds will look like after the party, too.

15. Magical Wedding

Magical Wedding

Couldn’t they at least spend for a twinkling cake or something?

16. Too Groovy for this Party

Too Groovy for this Party

This is one proof that all wedding guests, not just the bride and groom, should attend dance classes before the event.

17. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

At least it won’t leave him. Smart guy.

18. Eeeew!


Look at the guys behind them and imagine just what they are thinking.

19. We are Not Conventional

We are Not Conventional

In fact, groom will smoke while the priest speaks.

20. Open-Minded Church

Open-Minded Church

Dear Bride, the lady beside you is wearing her bra on top of her dress. Oh wait, you’re wearing next to nothing so I guess that’s okay.

21. Giggles


*sigh* Remembering the days when you thought kisses were incredibly yucky.

22. We Are Here to Get Wasted

We Are Here to Get Wasted

It’s more fun at the kids’ table.

23. Oops, Facial Expression Check

Oops, Facial Expression Check

Small? Big? Wrong Color? Gone?

24. A Very Interesting Ceremony

A Very Interesting Ceremony

Forget the couple, look at what the wedding officiator is wearing!

25. If I were the bride ..

If I were the bride

If I were the bride, I’d want a costume, too.

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