25 Cool Transforming Furnitures

25 Cool Transforming Furnitures

Flexible furniture is becoming a dire necessity for the space-starved urban dweller. With both material costs and stuff-shunning Cults of Less rising, furniture designers have started to devote their creative energies towards multi-purpose designs. Here are 25 ingenious transforming furniture systems for the apartments of the future.

1. DoubleSpace Kitchenette

DoubleSpace Kitchenette

Vestal Design’s “DoubleSpace Kitchenette” goes from armchair to stovetop in a matter of moments. Just make sure you don’t sit on it when the stove is running.

2. Pavone


The “Pavone” from Redo Sudio switches between a table and an armchair with minimum fuss

3. Portakal


Designed especially for kids of up to eight years, the “Portakal” by Esin ISIK can be disintegrated to be used as a bed, a changing table, a wall hang, storage space or a table.

4. Matroshka


The incredible “Matroshka” includes: bookshelves, a double bed, corner couch, dinner table, four stools, working space, drawers, a wardrobe and additional storage… and everything packs down to just 13 square feet.

5. Casulo


The 31×47 “Casulo” by Marcel Krings & Sebastian Mühlhäuser can carry the furniture of an entire room and it can be assembled in under 10 minutes with no external tools and zero wastage (even the external cover of the box is used). Watch for yourself.

6. Nolte Küchen

Nolte K chen

The “Nolte Küchen” Dynamic Living Kitchen goes from a comfy breakfast nook to an elaborate dining hub by a simple rearrangement of the movable tables.

7. Biombo Chair

Biombo Chair

Daniel Milchtein Peltsverge’s “Biombo Chair” when not in use is a folding screen (Biombo). The surface of the seat can be engraved with a graphic image that transforms it into a decorative object when folded flat. To turn it into a chair, you simply take it off and get all origami.

8. Grado


“Grado” by Nintek Design alters its shape to accommodate different tastes and the availability of space.

9. Changeable


The “Changeable” by Germany-based Chinese designer Wing Fung Ng switches between a chair, coffee table and workstation.

10. Creative Wedge

Creative Wedge

The concept design “Creative Wedge” features a fully customizable collection of foam wedges, rectangles and squares which allow users to put together whole sections of furniture in all sorts of configurations.

11. Table Chair

Table Chair

The “Table Chair”, by Joel Hesselgren, uses a notched, slot-together design for the transformation into 1980s executive lounge coffee table.

12. Bed Bookcase

Bed Bookcase

Karen Babel’s bed-bookcase features a mattress which can stands upright in four bits over five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame. The mattress sections can be placed on the floor and slot together to form the bed – with two parts for a single, or all four to make a double.

13. Sofa and Pool Table Transforming Furniture

Sofa and Pool Table Transforming Furniture

This 1970’s sofa-cum-pool table was retailing for $95 on Ebay until recently.

14. Calypso Chair

Calypso Chair

The “Calypso Chair” table-and-couch combination can be set in all kinds of creative configurations to serve a variety of functional purposes.

15. Doc


The “Doc” convertible sofa expands into not one but two beds.

16. Poppi Theatre

Poppi Theatre

The “Poppi Theatre” by Clei features a single bed with folding headboard, boiserie bookcase and a big sliding door provided with space for LCD or Plasma TV

17. LOFTBOX101


The “LOFTBOX101” is a portable solution for private meetings, when there are no “closed doors” around. Also included in one of the fold-out elements is a TFT-monitor for visual presentations.

18. Lollipop IN

Lollipop IN

The “Lollipop IN” Space Saving System is a wall bunk bed system that includes a completely integrated ladder which also functions as a bed support, a safety rail for the top bunk and a storage shelf above the top bunk.

19. Golf Stacking Chair Set

Golf Stacking Chair Set

The “Golf Stacking Chair Set” is able to stack for easy storage yet provides comfortable chairs and a table to relax on the patio with. This unique stacking set will cost you around $3000.

20. Hypnosis


The “Hypnosis” by Dimitry Sama features a slider that glides the leg holder along the arc to conceal it under the back supported by a peculiar mechanism, transforming the chair into a lounge with a mere push of button.

21. Tetra Chair

Tetra Chair

The “Tetra Chair” designed by Julia Göransdotter is a ‘transformable coal’ with folding facets which allow the user to adjust his or her seating position.

22. Vuzzle Cube

Vuzzle Cube

Christopher Daniel’s “Vuzzle Cube” comprises of 59 removable cushions that can be joined together to form separate pieces of furniture or make one new piece.

23. Offi Paket

Offi Paket

The “Offi Paket” Table is a colorful cube that can be transformed into a full table and chairs set with the flick of a wrist.

24. FlexibleLove


Made from recycled materials, the “FlexibleLove” can be molded into virtually unlimited shapes and sizes.

25. Kenchikukagu


The “Kenchikukagu” can be unpacked to form a guest-room, kitchen or an office.

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