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20 Incredible Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials

20 Incredible Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Designing water effect in photoshop is certainly not a piece of cake. We have collected 20 awesome tutorials that can guide & inspire you to learn this creative skill.

1. Water Effect on Products

Water Effect on Products

This tutorial shows how to make a nice looking product bottle fan art with the water effect.

2. Underwater Content Box Design

Underwater Content Box Design

This tutorial is about creating an underwaterbox which appears to fall into water.

3. Create Amazing Water-Drenched Photomontages

Create Amazing Water-Drenched Photomontages

An engaging tutorial that demonstrates how to make a splash, blending two very different images to create this amazing underwater effect, complete with a dissolving figure of a man.

4. Water Effect Photo Montage

Water Effect Photo Montage

A step-by-step tutorial on creating the water man.

5. Add A Realistic Water Reflection

Add A Realistic Water Reflection

In this Photoshop photo effects tutorial, we are going to learn how to easily add a realistic water reflection to any photo. It is a very easy effect to create and you can add it to any photo you like, although it tends to work best with images that don’t already contain water in them.

6. Design a Quick Perfume Ad

Design a Quick Perfume Ad

A tutorial which focuses on designing a perfume ad. The tutorial also explains how to use paint brushes & few other techninques to create complete underground water effect.

7. Making of an Interesting Wet Web Scene

Wet Web Scene

Through this tutorial learn how to use several photoshop techniques to create a beautiful image with realistic water droplets on a spider web.

8. Create Frozen Liquid Effects

Create frozen liquid effects

This tutorial (which needs to be downloaded) guides how to transform anything (almost) into what looks like a frozen liquid or water effect.

9. Create a Catastrophic Tsunami

Create a Catastrophic Tsunami

In this comprehensive tutorial, the artist shows his techniques to create a catastrophic tsunami.

10. Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene

Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manipulate a simple photo into a flooding torrent of a scene. We’ll use some relatively simple techniques to give this image a semi-realistic, stylized feel

11. Underwater Omega Code Poster

Underwater Omega Code Poster

From polygons in 3D Studio Max, bombs to shatter the geometry, and incredible underwater creatures added in Photoshop, you’ll learn everything in this tutorial that you need to create your own digital artworks.

12. Tropical iPhone Advertisement

Tropical iPhone Advertisement

In this detailed tutorial, the artist explains how to use custom brushes & image manipulations to design a tropical underwater iPhone advertisement, complete with clownfish, starfish, and bubbles.

13. Incredibly Realistic Water Text

Incredibly Realistic Water Text

A step-by-step guide on creating reflective liquid type effect.

14. Water Drops

Water Drops

In this tutorial artist shows how to make basic water drops in three dimensional space using the elliptical marquee tool, free transform, duplicate layer and a few simple layer effects.

15. Reflective Liquid Type

Reflective Liquid Type

A step by step guide on creating reflective liquid type effect.

16. Sunken Ship

Sunken Ship

This tutorial briefs how to design a sunken ship with the underground water effect.

17. Realistic water running on tap

Realistic water running on tap

Through this tutorial, you will learn how to use a combination of photoshop filters to create a realistic effect of water running from a tap.

18. Digitally Paint an Underwater Galaxy

Digitally Paint an Underwater Galaxy

The artist teaches us how to digitally paint an underwater Galaxy.

19. Water drops in 5 minutes

Water drops in 5 minutes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create water drops is that they are a bit complex, they have highlights, shadows, transparencies, inner shadows and inner highlights. The best thing is that we can create all of those effects using the Layer Styles in Photoshop.

20. The Ocean’s Freshness Photo Effects

Ocean Freshness Photo Effects

A tutorial which explains how to design a fruits wallpaper with water effect.

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