20 Funny Town Names

20 Funny Town Names

Here are 20 unfortunately named towns from around the world. When you come to think of it, this is a good way to get some publicitiy for your sleepy, unimportant old hamlet.

1. Dick Lick Springs, Arkansas, USA

Dick Lick Springs Arkansas USA

Other Arkansas gems include Booger Hollow, Pickles Gap, Flippin, Smackover and Toad Suck.

2. Anus, France

Anus France

A 7 hour drive in the south-west direction takes you to a town called Condom.

3. Bitchfield, UK

Bitchfield UK

This agricultural community is located in Lincolnshire, England.

4. Wetwang, Yorkshire, UK

Wetwang Yorkshire UK

Roads are slippery when wet. Located in East Yorkshire, England and means either a wet field or is derived from the Norse word, “Vettvangr”, meaning “field for the trial of a legal action”.

5. Pussy, France

Pussy France

Conforming to the French tradition of naming towns after body orifices. Probably originated from the Roman name “Pusius”. Anus located only 450 odd Km away.

6. Fucking, Austria

Fucking Austria

Perhaps the most famous village in Austria. It was founded around the 6th century by a Bavarian nobleman known as Focko and over the years, evolved from Vucchingen, Fukching, Fugkhing into Fucking. Locals were seemingly unaware of its English meaning until World War II, when they noticed an increasing number British and American soldiers getting photographed in various poses next to the entrance sign. Soon enough, to the ire of the villagers, tourists were visiting in hordes and asking for “Fucking Postcards” and stealing the road signs. To put the icing on the cake, the village council installed a sign beneath one of the “Fucking” signs with” Bitte – nicht so schnell!” (Please not so fast) written on it. Recently, the town has seemingly accepted its notoriety and hosted a music festival called “Festival of the Fuck Bands”.

7. MUFF, Northern Ireland

MUFF Northern Ireland

Located in Northwest Ireland. They also have a local diving club, named Muff Driving Club.

8. Fingringhoe, UK

Fingringhoe UK

Located in Essex, England and reputedly derived from a Saxon man known as Fingringas.

9. Wank, Germany

Wank Germany

The place to be for all us internet/porn addicts. Located in Bavaria, Germany and means “Waver” in English.

10. Funen, Denmark

Funen Denmark


Located on the island of Funen, Denmark. The name means “Middle Passage”.

11. Horni Police, Czech Republic

Horni Police Czech Republic

The local prostitutes must be a very happy bunch. Located in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic.

12. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania Romania

Located in Transylvania, Romania – home of the bloodthirsty Vlad Dracula. Took its name from the nearby Clit River

13. De Cocksdorp, Netherland

De Cocksdorp Netherland

Located in North Holland, Netherlands. “Dorp” is Dutch for town.

14. Pornoapati, Hungary

Pornoapati Hungary

Located in Vas county, Hungary. The name is a combination of the village of Pernau and “apáti" (abbey).

15. Scaggsville, Maryland

Scaggsville Maryland

Named after the Scaggs family who settled in the area in the 1830’s. The name reputedly suits the town.

16. FindLater, Canada

FindLater Canada

Probably named after a Scottish family of the same name. Located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

17. French Lick, Indiana, USA

French Lick Indiana USA

This town was originally a French trading post and is located near a salt lick, hence the name, “French Lick”. Used to be famous as a spa town but has lost most of its charm in recent years.

18. Titty Ho, UK

Titty Ho UK

Located in Northamptonshire, England. Origins unknown.

19. Dildo, Canada

Dildo Canada

This Newfoundland town is perhaps the “Fucking” of the Western Hemisphere. There are numerous theories regarding the origins of this name but the fact is that the word “Dildo” has been used to refer to a penis since at least the 17th century. The town has been ranked by a reputable magazine as one of the prettiest small towns in Canada.

20. Big Hole Valley, Montana, USA

Big Hole Valley Montana USA

This Montana valley takes its name from the Big Hole river and located around 70 km from Butte.

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