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20 Extremely Overloaded Trucks

20 Extremely Overloaded Trucks

Trucks are mechanical beasts of burden. Unglamorous and neglected, they take great punishment without muttering a single word in protest. However, in certain parts of the world, these noble creatures are treated with utter lack of respect. Here are 20 such examples of automotive slavery.

1. Double Load

Double Load

2. Nice Booty

Nice Booty

3. Modern Saharan Caravan

Modern Saharan Caravan

4. Truck Rebellion

Truck Rebellion

5. This be loaded

This be loaded

6. Man Overboard!

Man Overboard

7. Balancing Act

Balancing Act

8. Shells?


9. Dick’s Transport Service

Dick s Transport Service

10. The Haylord

The Haylord

11. Hanging Loads

Hanging Loads

12. Truck Wheelie

Truck Wheelie

13. Packet Switching

Packet Switching

14. 9some


15. Dropping Sacks

Dropping Sacks

16. Tormented Truck

Tormented Truck

17. Poorly dressed

Poorly dressed

18. Drunk Truck

Drunk Truck

19. Obesity


20. Only Fools and Trucks

Only Fools and Trucks

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