20 Banned Movie Posters

20 Banned Movie Posters

Here are 20 movies posters who became victims of the confusing juggernaut of censorship laws.

1. Teeth (2008)

Teeth 2008

Featuring a sweet highschool student with a set of vaginal dentures.

2. Captivity (2007)

Captivity 2007

The billboard features sizzler Elisha Cuthbert in various states of abduction, torture, confinement and finally termination. After torrents of complaints, the ads were pulled by the producers who claimed a printing cockup.  

3. Wanted (2008)

Wanted 2008

Banned in UK for allegedly glamorizing the use of guns and violence and was deemed unsuitable for children.

4. Shoot Em Up (2007)

Shoot Em Up 2007

Two of the three for the action flick were banned by the UK watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for "suggesting a direct aggression that could be seen to glamorise the use of guns and violence". The distributer defended the posters saying that they had been specifically designed to angle the gun(s) away from the viewer. The third poster was approved.

5. Ali G Indahouse:Tax Da Party (2002)

Ali G Indahouse Tax Da Party 2002

Swiftly ruled by ASA to be pornographic and offensive. Well the producers pretty much asked for it.

6. Zack and Miri make a Porno (2008)

Zack and Miri make a Porno 2008

Looks quite innocent on the first glance. Take a look at the bottom. This poster is banned in the US by MPAA but was approved in Canada.

7. Coco Avant Chanel (2009)

Coco Avant Chanel 2009

Condemned for showing Paris fashion pioneer and tobacco enthusiast Coco Chanel (Audrey Tautou) taking a smoke. The city of lights banned lighting up in public places in 2007.

8. Dying Breed (2008)

Dying Breed 2008

Inspired by Irish Pie-maker turned Cannibal Killer, Alexander Pearce, the Australian horror flick's stomach churning poster was deemed too gruesome to hang on bus shelters but was approved for cinema foyers, press ads and online display.

9. Saw II (2005)

Saw II 2005

Banned by MPAA for being "unacceptable", the approved version has a zoomed-in print of the two fingers so that they are no longer "severed" and the line "oh yes, there will be blood".

10. Thirst (2009)

Thirst 2009

Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) vampire offering had its posters banned in Korea for depicting a priest in a sexual situation. The less energetic approved version kept the strangulation but cut out the legs. The Korean media rating board had earlier also banned the international poster for the sleaze-fest "Slowbus".

11. Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Lesbian Vampire Killers 2009

Posters for the comedy were banned from UK's public transport because the title was judged to be"sexually offensive".

12. The Road to Guantanamo (2006)

The Road to Guantanamo 2006

The MPAA didn't fancy the hood and censured the poster for "depicting torture, which wasn't appropriate for children to see".

13. The Hills Have Eyes II (2006)

The Hills Have Eyes II 2006

The poster was apparently banned for the hand sticking out of the sack. The second version basically just rotated the body 180 degrees so that now the legs were sticking out.. and that did the trick.

14. Bad Lieutenant (2009)

Bad Lieutenant 2009

Banned by MPAA for "depicting violence towards an individual" and replaced by a boring generic character closeup

15. The Rules of Attraction (2002)

The Rules of Attraction 2002

Banned because this particular arrangement of toys was considered "offensive and obscene".

16. Taxi to the Dark Side (2007)

Taxi to the Dark Side 2007

Banned as a part of MPAA's "Hooded Menace Inquisition".

17. Scar (2008)

Scar 2008

The knife wound on the cheek and the words "SLASH-TASTIC KILLER THRILLER. THE BLOOD FLIES OFF THE SCREEN!" were enough for UK's ASA.

18. Sex and the City (2008)

Sex and the City 2008

The poster was banned by two Israeli cities who did not want the word "sex" on display. The distributer refused to remove "sex" from the posters and compared it with removing "Coca" from Coca Cola.

19. Dr. Lamb (Unknown)

Dr Lamb Unknown

The Poster for the Hong Kong exploitation flick is still banned in China for obvious reasons.

20. Creep (2004)

Creep 2004

Banned from the London Underground (LU) for the fear of upsetting the commuters. The producers protested as the movie was filmed in the LU network with their own permission and posters of other 18+ horror movies were allowed on the tube. LU later realized the contradiction and lifted the ban.

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