20 Utter Failures At Tanning

20 Utter Failures At Tanning

The white man has a strange relationship with dark skin. It is Ok if a white man has dark skin, but not Ok if the poor guy is actually dark skinned. Although this veil of deception actually looks rather hot on the female kind, it does tend to produce some funny results time and time again. Here are some of most hilarious tans ever encountered.

1. Speedo logo?

Speedo logo

2. Old man and the tan

Old man and the tan

3. The Reverse Tan and :p

The Reverse Tan and p

4. Yo! sup bra?

Yo sup bra

5. Hey lady, nice tans

Hey lady nice tans

6. Back from African holiday

Back from African holiday

7. The Mask of Tan

The Mask of Tan

8. Tan + Fat = fail

Tan Fat fail

9. Back-lash

Back lash

10. Hello Knotty

Hello Knotty



12. Melting Fat

Melting Fat

13. Gimme Nail clippers

Gimme Nail clippers

14. Amazon man

Amazon man

15. Tannus Hideous

Tannus Hideous

16. Concentration Tan

Concentration Tan

17. Hands on Approach

Hands on Approach

18. Smile Fail

Smile Fail

19. Leotardo


20. Word to your Sunblock

Word to your Sunblock

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